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  • Oilfields Food Bank: Firemen’s 2016 Community Food Drive

    Oilfields Food Bank: Firemen’s 2016 Community Food Drive

    What a great success this was (as usual!)!  Our communities are known for their generosity and heart and we thank them.  We had many willing volunteers and every one was very much appreciated. A heartfelt thank you to the Fire Departments from Longview, Black Diamond & Turner Valley.  Their assistants for these 2 evenings were […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Homemade Hand-Wipes

    By Reena Nerbas Removing Band-aids Without Tears Dear Reena, I have a three year old boy who constantly falls and scrapes his knees. He loves to wear animated bandages and immediately stops crying when I put them on him. But when it’s time for the bandage to be taken off, the crying starts all over […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Hanging Pictures on Paneled Walls

    By Reena Nerbas Front Load Washer Discolouration Dear Reena, I am wondering if you have any tips for removing discolouration on the rubber liner just inside the door of a front loading washing machine. I inherited my parent’s washer, and it came with this discolouration and I would like to clean it up if I can. Laurie […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Nail Polish Mishaps

    By Reena Nerbas Carpet Bubble Dear Reena, How do I get rid of a bubble under the carpet in my living room?  Many thanks, Jeannette Dear Jeannette, Here is a popular fix for a carpet bubble. Use a pointed screwdriver to make a small hole in the carpet. Purchase Bubble Glue or Carpet Seam Sealer (strong […]

  • Millarville Horticulture Club: Christmas Centerpieces

    Millarville Horticulture Club: Christmas Centerpieces

    Every second Tuesday of the month (Sept to May) at 7:30pm a speaker is arranged to talk and share their knowledge with the club. We meet at the Millarville church house. Our next meeting is December 13th at 7:30pm. Paul Rishaug will be making a Christmas centerpiece and helping us make one too. The cost will be $20 […]

  • Increasing Food Bank Use Shows Urgent Need for Federal Action on Poverty

    Increasing Food Bank Use Shows Urgent Need for Federal Action on Poverty

    Ottawa – The number of people accessing Canadian food banks increased for the third consecutive year in 2016, and is now 28% higher than before the 2008-2009 recession, according to a national study released this week by Food Banks Canada. In total, 863,492 people received food from a food bank in March 2016; 307,535 were children – […]

  • Christmas in the Foothills

    Christmas in the Foothills

    There are plenty of Christmas markets and events to take in as we find ourselves in the midst of the Season! Check out our calendar so you don’t miss any! Go to our main page and hover over Gateway Gazette in the menu bar across the top and you will see “Events”. Just click on that […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Grilling the Perfect Steak

    By Reena Nerbas Creating Smooth Curtain Rod Dear Reena, I own a wooden curtain rod on which the wooden curtain rings stick and “shudder” when pulling the curtains open and closed (I’ve actually pulled the curtains off the end rings with the yanking they require). How can I best get these non-compliant rings to move […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Getting Gum Out of Hair and Makeup off Clothing

    By Reena Nerbas Pickle Juice on Teak Table Dear Reena, Sunday night a jar of pickles spilt onto the dining room table, which is solid teak (very old reclaimed wood if that makes a difference). The pickle juice sat there for a few hours before being discovered. I tried putting baking soda directly on the […]

  • Diamond Valley Fire Department Food Drive

    Diamond Valley Fire Department Food Drive

    The Black Diamond and Turner Valley Fire Departments will be undertaking their annual Food Drive in support of the Oilfields Food Bank. They’ll work together to cover both towns on the 7th and 8th of November. Please have your non-perishable food donations ready to speed up their collections. A big thank you to the Fire […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Cleaning Stainless Steel Fridge Door

    By Reena Nerbas Vinyl Floor Stain Dear Reena, How do you remove a yellow stain from a mat on a vinyl floor? Thank you! Julie Dear Julie, Unfortunately the yellow stains may be permanent. With so many vinyl and linoleum products on the market, it seems that what works on one does not necessarily work […]

  • Province Hammers out Energy Efficiencies in New Buildings

    Province Hammers out Energy Efficiencies in New Buildings

    Starting next month, new buildings in Alberta will be more energy efficient and they will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cost less to run.  The Government of Alberta has updated or adopted seven new codes, including building, energy, electrical, elevating devices, gas, pressure vessels and private sewage. All of these codes include energy-efficiency improvements to […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Autumn Pests

    By Reena Nerbas Restoring Grout Dear Reena, I need help restoring grout. The tile grout on my bathroom floor around the toilet and shower has turned a whitish color; it is only 3 years old. How can I return it to its original color? I enjoy your column every week, Margaret Dear Margaret, Sounds like […]

  • New Long-term Care Spaces Benefit Calgary Families

    New Long-term Care Spaces Benefit Calgary Families

    Construction is scheduled to begin next month on 78 new long-term care beds at Wing Kei Greenview Phase II. Following a thorough review of the Alberta Supportive Living Initiative (ASLI) program, this is triple the number of long-term care spaces originally planned for this project. The province is providing $5 million to the Chinese Christian […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Cookies

    By Reena Nerbas Storing Clothing in Damp Basement Dear Reena, I am attempting to store a large quantity of clothing in a basement that is slightly damp. I am using two large plastic bags for each lot of clothing. Can you recommend anything to help keep the clothes dry and mold free? Thank you for […]