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  • The Vape Debate

    The Vape Debate

    C.D. Howe Institute Podcast with Ian Irvine Vaping is safer than smoking. But is Canada taking the right approach to a technology that could save lives? C.D. Howe Institute Research Fellow and Concordia University professor Ian Irvine says the drop in cigarette sales illustrates vaping’s upside.

  • Open Letter from the Canadian Shooting Sports Association

    OPEN LETTERto Members of the Media and to allthose running for Elected OfficeThe CSSA is compelled to write this open letter to all of you because your lack of firearms knowledge is so bad you’re embarrassing yourselves. The following facts are presented for your edification. The “AR” in “AR-15” rifle does NOT stand for “assault […]

  • Jody Wilson-Raybould’s Deeply Canadian Courage

    The former minister has demonstrated quality we should all be proud of. And the system shows it can deal with such honesty By Peter Stockland Senior writer Cardus I can’t remember feeling more proud to be Canadian than I have since Jody Wilson-Raybould began speaking to the House of Commons justice committee (last month). As […]

  • Canada’s Food Guide: New Dish, with a Dash of Condescension

    After years of celebrating our agricultural know-how, the guide has gone urban – and is more than a little patronizing By Sylvain Charlebois Senior Fellow Atlantic Institute for Market Studies Say goodbye to the four food groups. Almost 12 years after the launch of the previous version, the new Canada’s Food Guide celebrates food by […]

  • Why We Should Stop Labelling People Climate Change Deniers

    By Chui-Ling Tam, University of Calgary In the westernmost reaches of Nunavut, on the Northwest Passage, Inuit hunters have told me some pithy things about climate change. The land is changing. It isn’t climate change. This is part of cycles. Our elders saw this coming. Some of the most visible and profound effects of global warming are […]

  • Taxpayers Federation Urges Calgarians Not to Bet on the Olympics to Solve City’s Challenges

    At a news conference, earlier this month, in one of Calgary’s many empty office spaces, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) outlined why Calgarians should not bet on the Olympics to solve the city’s current challenges. “Calgary shouldn’t waste billions of dollars on a sporting event eight years from now to solve our current challenges and […]

  • An Open Letter to Canada’s Media –– Why Gun Bans Can’t Stop Gun Violence

    By Canadian Shooting Sports Association It’s already illegal to possess a firearm without a federal firearms licence. It’s already illegal to buy ammunition without a federal firearms licence. It’s already a crime to carry a handgun around. It’s already a crime to point a firearm at another human being. It’s already against the law to […]

  • Newspapers May be Struggling but the News is Still Crucial

    Don’t blame the Internet, embrace it as a means to deliver quality reporting to a broader audience By Lee Harding Research fellow Frontier Centre for Public Policy The old home for the Coventry Evening Telegraph in England is a building frozen in time. The publishers moved to more modern facilities in 2012. The newspaper’s home […]

  • Turning the Corner: Signs of Optimism Abound in Calgary

    Investors are slowly showing restored confidence. And there are plenty of other positive economic and social signs to be found By Brett Wilson Contributor Troy Media Considering Canadian pipeline politics over the past year, a thought struck: If the people who built the trans-Canada railway in the late 1800s had operated with the same level […]

  • Donald Trump’s Space Force: the Dangerous Militarization of Outer Space

    By Gbenga Oduntan In a recent speech, President Donald Trump announced a new policy for the American space programme. It is time, he argued, for America to create a “Space Force”. As ever, the policy announcement was full of glittering ideas but short on detail, largely unspecific and even inaccurate. What we do know is that this […]

  • Tent Cities Aren’t the Problem, Just a Symptom

    We need to address contributing factors to homelessness, including mental illness, addictions and poverty By Jino Distasio Expert Adviser Tonight, an increasing number of Canadians face the prospect of sleeping in a tent – not to welcome the summer camping season but as a last resort. Unlike regulated campgrounds, tent cities are without electricity, […]

  • Let’s Get Past the Need for Apologies About the Past

    If apologies must flow if reconciliation is to be achieved in Canada, native groups should also issue regrets for their bygone evils By Gerry Bowler and Rod Clifton Frontier Centre for Public Policy The string of calls for public apologies continues unabated. How many apologies are enough? Yet again, demands have been made that Pope […]

  • Buy Canadian Economics Carry a Steep Cost

    While Canadians may embrace buying Canadian food products in retaliation for the trade dispute with the U.S., it won’t come cheap By Sylvain Charlebois Senior Fellow Atlantic Institute for Market Studies Canadians are encouraging one another to go “Trump-free” – that is, to shop for groceries without buying a single American product. Even restaurants are […]

  • Where is the Wisdom and Conciliation from Indigenous Leaders?

    Creating a greater divide between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians is not likely to benefit people in the long run Mark DeWolf Research Associate Frontier Centre for Public Policy In a line at the supermarket checkout, I glanced back at the woman who was placing her purchases on the belt behind my grocery items, and I […]

  • B.C. Closing Doors to Investment

    Government policies mean the province is gaining an international reputation as a place where major projects can’t get done By Charles Lammam and Hugh MacIntyre The Fraser Institute More British Columbians think the province is on the wrong track than the right one, according to a new Angus Reid poll. And there’s good reason to […]

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