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  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Homemade Jams and Jellies

    By Reena Nerbas Bleach Stain on Carpet Dear Reena, Any “camouflage” ways or means to lessen an obvious bleach stain on a beige carpet? Shelley Dear Shelley, Since the color is gone from the area, you can dye the area. All carpet is dyed in the first place therefore it is definitely a technique that […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Kitchen Helpers

    By Reena Nerbas Threading a Needle Dear Reena, I have never had difficulty threading a needle before; however, recently I started having trouble seeing the eye of the needle. Do you have any simple tricks for this? Kennedy Dear Kennedy, A magnifying glass can help with this challenge. Here is a hack that works like […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Getting the Wrinkles Out

    By Reena Nerbas Broth, Bouillon or Stock Dear Reena, I’ve been reading new recipes and have come across some words that I can’t wrap my brain around. What is the difference between broth, bouillon and stock? Submitted by: Harold Good question Harold! Broth and bouillon are words that can be used interchangeable. Traditional stock is […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Dog Owner Tips for Spring Cleaning the Yard

    By Reena Nerbas Repelling Spiders Dear Reena, I hate going into my basement for fear of seeing a spider. Do you have any tips for repelling those disgusting creatures? Thanks, Viola Dear Viola, Reduce the spider population in your home with the following safe, Homemade Spider Repellent. Into a spray bottle, pour 4-cups water, one-tsp. […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Lasagna

    By Reena Nerbas Grey Spots on White Towels Hi Reena, Last year I purchased new white towels for my remodeled bathroom. They are lovely, but a few washes in they started sprouting grey blob shaped spots, especially on the hand towels. At first, I thought it was my daughter’s toothpaste staining the towels when she […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Tips That Measure Up

    By Reena Nerbas Deodorant Leaves White Marks Dear Reena, I have an embarrassing problem which is white marks on my blouses due to deodorant. How can I get rid of the marks? Manuela Dear Manuela, Purchase products with the label ‘invisible’ on the container. Ease deodorant streaks; rub pantyhose over white areas. The nylon lifts […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Water Stains on the Ceiling

    By Reena Nerbas Cat Urine Dear Reena, Is there any way to clean cat urine off a silk duvet? I understand silk duvets are NOT to be washed or dry cleaned. Thank you for any help with this problem. Janet Dear Janet, It is true that high heat and domestic washing machines can damage the […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Homemade Glass Cleaner

    By Reena Nerbas Cleaning Toaster Oven Dear Reena, The inside walls of my toaster oven are aluminum; how do I clean them? I’ve tried S.O.S pads with no success. Fern Dear Fern, Clean the interior walls of a toaster oven with a mixture of 50/50 vinegar, baking soda and a green scrubby pad. A combination […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Storing Potatoes

    By Reena Nerbas Musty Plastic Containers Dear Reena, I have several, old plastic containers that smell musty. Should I throw them out, or is there a way to remove the smell? Caris Dear Caris, Use a pastry brush and smear the plastic interior with either mustard or toothpaste. Make sure that you cover every corner. […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions By Reena: Dealing with Colds

    Reena Nerbas Homemade Caesar Dressing Dear Reena, Can you please provide me with a delicious recipe for homemade Caesar Salad dressing? Ben Dear Ben, Into a bowl combine the following ingredients: Two minced garlic cloves, one tsp. anchovy paste (optional), two tbsp. lemon juice (fresh or bottled), one tsp. Dijon mustard, one tsp. Worcestershire sauce, […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Cookies in a Jar

    By Reena Nerbas Under-cooked Cheesecake Dear Reena, I baked a cheesecake for friends last weekend; I thought the cake was thoroughly baked because the sides were solid, and the middle jiggled a little. I iced the cake and placed it in the fridge. Hours later, I sliced the cake and was mortified when I saw […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Spilled Red Wine

    By Reena Nerbas Pure Vanilla Dear Reena, A friend has given me a bottle of vanilla which she bought in Mexico; it’s much stronger than the product we normally buy in our grocery store. Is there a secret to diluting or toning down the essence beyond merely using less of it? Thanks, Noreen Hi Noreen, […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Flaky Pie Crusts

    By Reena Nerbas Red Curry Stain on Clothes Dear Reena, My compliments for your helpful and practical suggestions on various subjects, mainly household related stuff and cleaning. We were having dinner at a friend’s place. I spilt a little bit of red curry stuff on my brand-new cotton, khaki pants and the following happened: My […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Icy Steps

    By Reena Nerbas Blackened Pot Dear Reena, I have burnt a pot very badly. It had red cabbage in it and I cannot remove the black from the bottom. Can you give me a solution for this? Thank you. Hulda Dear Hulda, Soak the pan with dishwasher detergent and hot water for a couple of hours, […]

  • Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Quartz Countertop

    By Reena Nerbas Gummy Residue on Clothes Dear Reena, I was at an early Valentine party, to begin the evening we (ladies only) were given a peel and stick red heart. I peeled mine and pressed it on the lapel of my black finely ribbed pant suit. To make sure it stuck, I gave it […]

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