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  • From My Bookshelf: The Break

     By Lynn Willoughby The Break ~ Katherena Vermette This is a hard book to review. It is well written, by a new and important Canadian author. It is a novel of shocking heartbreak as it shows us the underbelly of society that many of our Native people live every day. It is very disturbing. However, in light […]

  • From My Bookshelf: The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

    The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

    By Lynn Willoughby The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek ~ Kim Michele Richardson In 1935 President Franklin Roosevelt announced The Works Progress Administration. The Pack Horse Library Project was part of an effort to create jobs for women and bring books and reading material to Appalachia, into the poorest and most isolated areas in eastern Kentucky that […]

  • Planet Waves Horoscopes: June 15 – 21, 2020

    Planet Waves

    By Eric Francis ARIES — If you feel like you missed a chance to work through a family or household-related issue, you will have another opportunity soon enough. If you’re trying to avoid one, it will come back to you for additional healing. There seems to be a matter from the past you’re not connecting […]

  • From My Bookshelf: If It Bleeds

    It It Bleeds

    By Lynn Willoughby If It Bleeds ~  Stephen King My introduction to Stephen King was reading a book of novellas, including “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption”.  I was hooked.  And at the expense of sounding truly creepy, I am his number one fan.  (See “Misery”). His newest book is also a compilation of novellas – “Mr […]

  • Ode to Our Volunteers & Our Community by Della Dickie

    This Ode to Our Volunteers & Our Community was written by local Author, Della Dickie, as a thank you for the recent Food Bank drive.

  • Planet Waves Horoscopes: June 8 – 15, 2020

    Planet Waves

    By Eric Francis ARIES — To be the ‘master of your destiny’, so much as is possible on the physical plane, calls for having a handle on your spiritual life. That’s the bit where you consider your relationship to existence, and seek to understand your fears, and learn where you stand with yourself. It’s easy […]

  • From My Bookshelf: The Innocents

    The Innocents

    By Lynn Willoughby The Innocents ~ Michael Crummey This novel is short-listed for the Giller Prize.  Set in northern Newfoundland, it is a story of survival, hard work, loneliness and deprivation – not an easy read. Evered us about fourteen when his parents both die.  His sister, Ada, is about twelve.  They have lived their entire […]

  • Planet Waves Horoscopes: June 1 – 8, 2020

    Planet Waves

    By Eric Francis Coppolino Aries (March 20-April 19) — It would serve you well to have as your goal in life to be trusted, and to conduct yourself only in ways that facilitate this. The way to begin is by taking total accountability for your actions, your choices and your feelings. Even then, it’s possible to […]

  • From My Bookshelf: Mink River

    Mink River

    By Lynn Willoughby Mink River ~ Brian Doyle This is Doyle’s debut novel.  It is long and often wordy, but the prose is exquisite – there are quotes from William Blake, musical references including Puccini, Van Morrison and Bruce Springsteen, literary notes, the King James Bible is often quoted, Gaelic is frequently referenced, plus many Indigenous […]

  • Planet Waves Horoscopes: May 25 – June 1, 2020

    Planet Waves - Feature

    By Eric Francis ARIES — Lou Reed once said that you can’t always trust your mother. The question is, do you, and on what topics? Whether she’s in-body or not, that list will help you, because you’re likely to take her advice quite a bit without thinking about it. If you’re going to be influenced […]

  • From My Bookshelf: Chasing Fireflies

    Chasing Fireflies

    By Lynn Willoughby Chasing Fireflies ~ Charles Martin When a small, mute, malnourished boy is found by the police standing near the railroad tracks, Chase Walker is assigned to cover the story.  Not only is the boy covered in ant bites, but his naked torso and arms are covered with scars abuse – some are […]

  • Planet Waves Horoscopes: May 18 -25, 2020

    Planet Waves - Feature

    By Eric Francis ARIES — The Sun entering Gemini this week will help you give a voice to all that you’re feeling. Other factors are supporting this venture as well. In our world, having a voice is the difference between making your way in the world, and total frustration. The voice you’re seeking is relaxed, […]

  • From My Bookshelf: Finding Chika

    Finding Chika

    By Lynn Willoughby Finding Chika ~ Mitch Albom Albom is a sports announcer, journalist, author and talk show host.  When the 2010 earthquake decimated Haiti, a local pastor was the guest on his radio show in Detroit.  John Hearn Jr was very concerned about a mission he supported in Port-au-Prince.  He was unable to get through […]

  • Planet Waves Horoscopes: May 11 – 18, 2020

    Planet Waves - Feature

    By Eric Francis ARIES — One of my boldest, most outgoing girlfriends ever, a French woman named Sabine, once said to me, in a fit of frustration and angst: Someday I will succeed, and speak. Ask yourself what you have not said. Take these next six weeks of Venus retrograde in Gemini and make an […]

  • From My Bookshelf: The Best Polish Restaurant in Buffalo

    The Best Polish Restaurant in Buffalo

    By Lynn Willoughby The Best Polish Restaurant in Buffalo ~  William Kowalski Kowalski is an American-Canadian novelist and screen writer.  This novel is very personal and many of the characters were his ancestors and much of the story is true.  It tells the story of a century of life in America for a Polish farm girl […]