Ode to Our Volunteers & Our Community by Della Dickie

Ode to Our Volunteers & Our Community
by Della Dickie

Volunteer Firemen go door to door
Collecting donations of food,
Then to the Foodbank to drop it all off
Bringing with them their bright, happy moods.
There is nothing quite like the sight and sound
Of the volunteer Girl- and Boy-Scouts,
Assisting the Firemen and sorting the food,
Busy helping the Foodbank out.
These Scouts, for the two busy evenings,
Go to work on the donated food
Many hours are spent separating it all
They have a ‘help-someone-out’ attitude.
Their voices, it seems, get louder each minute
As they move back-and-forth with great clatter
They find the right box to put the food in
Back and forth, they all constantly chatter.
A coffee, a tea or juice and a snack
Each night when their hard work is through
Helps to pick up their energy level a bit
But we’re all feeling quite weary too
Our grand volunteers all share the load.
You will find there’s not one who will shirk,
And it all goes to prove, as the old saying goes,
Many hands always make lighter work.
The Foodbank is thankful for all volunteers
And the generous folks in our towns
And we’re so very grateful for all Firemen
Who have never, not once, let us down.
Our Clients, God bless them, will have food on their plates
Neighbours help neighbours; that’s CARING, first-rate!


*This was originally shared via the Oilfields Food Bank in 2017.