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  • Faith Forum ~ Bad News, Good News

    Helplessness. There’s not another feeling like it. Living through something that is beyond your ability to help someone else or unable to cope in your own situation may have given you that feeling. Watching a situation from a distance where there is nothing you can do can give you that feeling, too. That is bad […]

  • Faith Forum ~ It Is Finished

    Faith Forum ~ It Is Finished

    The words “It is finished” rang in her ears as Mary stumbled and tripped over the rocks on Golgotha. It couldn’t be, it just couldn’t be true what had just happened; but it was. There was the cross, with her friend hanging on it. His weary head now bent and bowed over on his chest […]

  • Faith Forum ~ In the Trading Business

    Faith Forum ~ In the Trading Business

      One of the programmes I’ve enjoyed listening to is CHRB 1140’s Tradio. It’s enjoyable listening to all the different people with their items up for sale or give away, and how Charlie just keeps things moving along with a sense of purpose and community. Most articles, even tho’ used and maybe old, end up […]

  • Faith Forum ~ The Christmas Story

    Faith Forum ~ The Christmas Story

    By Gloria Wessner The real Christmas story is traditionally the story of Jesus Christ and his birth. Over time, Christmas has become so much about commercialism, gift giving, and pretty decorations and lights that while it lends a wonderful festive feel to the season, the origins of this holiday have become obscured. Even traditional Christmas […]

  • Joel’s Eventful Night (Part 2)

    Joel’s Eventful Night (Part 2)

    By Gloria Wessner           What was this, this bright, dazzling, shining light all around them? Joel clung to the little orphan lamb he was clutching, and hid his face in its soft wool. He dared to take a peek and couldn’t believe what he thought he was seeing. He saw a form of a being […]

  • Joel’s Eventful Night (Part 1)

    Joel’s Eventful Night (Part 1)

    By Gloria Wessner Joel shuffled his way down the dusty street towards the stable through the little town of Bethlehem. No one was stirring yet as predawn blackness prevailed before the coming of the sun. Ever since Joel’s father died last year, he helped bring in a few extra drachmas for his mother by working […]

  • Faith Forum ~ Joy

    Faith Forum ~ Joy

    By Gloria Wessner The world just isn’t getting any better. Places in the world have brutal wars, starvation, extreme weather events, racial unrest, peoples striving for democracy, economic disasters, extreme immoral religious behavior and major environmental issues. It is increasingly difficult to feel peaceful living in the world with all of these issues around you,as […]

  • Faith Forum ~ To Give a Life For Their Child

    Faith Forum ~ To Give a Life For Their Child

    By Gloria Wessner “God loved the world (you!) so much that he gave his one and only Son so that whoever believes in him may not be lost, but have eternal life. God did not send his Son into the world to judge the world guilty, but to save the world through him.” Who willingly sacrifices […]

  • Faith Forum ~ Maturing into Childhood

    Faith Forum ~ Maturing into Childhood

    Having recently experienced another beautiful granddaughter being added to our family, I am reminded again of the cycle of life, and also seeing a ‘twist’ in that cycle of life when it comes to life with God. When a child is born into a family, the next eighteen or so years of his or her […]

  • Faith Forum ~ And You Thought Facebook Knew All About You

    Faith Forum ~ And You Thought Facebook Knew All About You

    The popularity of Facebook since its launch in 2004 is nothing short of phenomenal. Despite the legal challenges the company has had and launching certain applications that have challenged it and its users along the way – it continues to grow at a rapid rate. As of the end of 2013, it boasted 1.23 billion […]

  • Faith Forum ~ I Don’t Want Religion!

    By Gloria Wessner That might sound weird coming from someone who writes about God, but it’s true! I don’t want to be bound up in religion, which traditionally is understood as being boring, impersonal, duty-bound, can be full of rituals yet fulfilling. What I want and need is a living, breathing and dynamic personal relationship […]