Faith Forum ~ To Give a Life For Their Child

By Gloria Wessner

“God loved the world (you!) so much that he gave his one and only Son so that whoever believes in him may not be lost, but have eternal life. God did not send his Son into the world to judge the world guilty, but to save the world through him.”

Who willingly sacrifices the life of their child for someone who constantly does bad and rotten things with no guarantee that he or she will change? No one. Yet God did just that. Out of love. Because He wanted too. He gives every person the opportunity to accept this love, learn to live it with His help here on earth, and have the unprecedented chance to have eternal life and live forever and be his child.

However, God also addresses the present condition of someone who does not believe in his son Jesus and why it is that way:

“People who believe in God’s Son are not judged guilty. Those who do not believe have already been judged guilty, because they have not believed in God’s one and only Son. They are judged by this fact: The Light (Jesus) has come into the world, but they did not want light. They wanted darkness, because they were doing evil things.  All who do evil hate the light and will not come to the light, because it will show all the evil things they do. But those who follow the true way come to the light, and it shows that the things they do were done through God.” (John 3:16-21 NCV)

People know subconsciously when they’ve done a wrong thing. You only have to watch a child or an adult who knows they’ve done something wrong and then try to hide the fact that they did it, to know this is true. Thankfully, though, it doesn’t have to end that way. Individuals can believe in God’s only son Jesus to change that completely around, and live the life they were meant to live – in love and constant communion with the Creator of this world.

So here is an invitation to come to the Light who is Jesus, and experience the fathomless love that only God can give. No one has the capacity to love like He does, and He also has and gives the power and resources to live the life how it was meant to be lived. What God’s heart yearns for, is a close relationship with you. It is not that God has needs; this is a choice from his heart. This is the gift he offers to each and every person, no matter what they’ve done. It is not enough to acknowledge there is a God – that’s easy to do for most people. It takes a deliberate choice to ‘come to the light’ as the above piece says, and a deliberate choice then to live life, as He wants you to. This comes as a result of a heart change, and because of what He has done for you, you want to live His way and have that very personal relationship every moment of your life. One where He indwells your innermost being – the creator of relationships wants to have one with you! This is why he willingly died for you, his creation, so you could be his child forever.

As we make that choice for that relationship with God and walk with him in it, our old life along with it’s attitudes, choices and thoughts will continue to disappear and our new life, with His choices, attitudes and thoughts becoming mine. This will be the most fulfilling life there can be. As Oswald Chambers puts it:

“After the Holy Spirit begins to work His new creation in us, there will come a time when there is nothing remaining of the old life. Our old gloomy outlook disappears, as does our old attitude toward things. How are we going to get a life that has no lust, no self-interest, and is not sensitive to the ridicule of others? How will we have the type of love that ‘is kind . . . is not provoked, [and] thinks no evil’ (1 Corinthians 13:45)? By allowing nothing of the old life to remain, and by having only simple, perfect trust in God. ¹

This new life is available to everyone. He says so.

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¹ Oswald Chambers (bio)

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