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  • Why I’m Voting for……

    Why I’m Voting for……

    By E.P. Whinters When I wrote my first article as a Guest Columnist for the Gateway Gazette many moons ago, I put forth my intention: to select every week some aspect of the coming election; to study, research and reflect without bias (as much as possible), in hopes that I can make an intelligent decision […]

  • Today History Will Be Made ~ Be a Part of It: VOTE!

    Today History Will Be Made ~ Be a Part of It: VOTE!

    Election 2015 Polling stations are open from 7:30am to 7:30pm. Where do I vote? Foothills (Alberta) Find out by clicking here If you live outside of the Foothills area you can find your information by click here:  

  • UPDATED: Housing and Homelessness Election Guide 2015

    UPDATED: Housing and Homelessness Election Guide 2015

    This Election Guide provides a non-partisan, independent, research-based analysis of the housing/homelessness platforms of the four major parties for the 2015 federal election in Canada. This analysis is based on the recommendations stemming from the State of Homelessness in Canada 2014 report and provides important information to help voters make an informed decision. NEW: The […]

  • Meet John Barlow – Conservative Candidate – 2015 Federal Election

    John Barlow was elected as a Member of Parliament to represent the federal riding of Macleod on June 30, 2014 in a by-election resulting from the retirement of former MP Ted Menzies. John has been a member of the Standing Committees on Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development and The Status of Women. Prior to being […]

  • Meet Tanya MacPherson – Liberal Candidate – 2015 Federal Election

    Businesswoman, researcher, and mother, Tanya MacPherson has the passion and dedication to bring real change to Foothills this coming fall. With fifteen years of experience in research labs including, Agriculture Canada, the National Research Council and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Tanya has a wealth of experience which will help her serve the farmers and […]

  • Meet Alison Thompson – NDP Candidate – 2015 Federal Election

    Long before I wore heels to work, I wore construction boots. Flecked black with oil and a rainbow of paint colours. I still have those boots, as a proud reminder of how my energy career began at Shell Canada’s Waterton Gas Plant, over 20 years ago. Living in Pincher Creek, I traveled over what felt […]

  • Who Promises What?

    Who Promises What?

      By  E.P. Whinters We are on the brink of change and it behooves each of us to not only vote, but to vote according to what we truly believe – what will be best for the future of our nation and what we believe to be right in our hearts. In an effort to […]

  • Meet Romy Tittel – Green Party Candidate – 2015 Federal Election

    Engage, Educate, Motivate I am a first-generation Canadian, born and raised in Calgary, currently residing in the Springbank area west of Calgary. My husband of 33 years and I own and operate PROCAD Software, which has been serving the process engineering community for over 27 years. Besides being a business woman and an artist (, […]

  • Federal election: small business owners will take substance over style

    Survey shows entrepreneurs will vote for best policies  Toronto – With Election Day just over the horizon, Canada’s small business owners will be looking to policy over personality when it comes time to cast their ballots. According to a CFIB survey conducted this week, a majority of small business owners said the party platform was the […]

  • How the parties propose to help young Canadians save for retirement

    How the parties propose to help young Canadians save for retirement

    By focusing only on adapting CPP and QPP policy, we risk tightening the squeeze being felt by young Canadians By Paul Kershaw, Founder of Generation Squeeze VANCOUVER, BC/ Troy Media/ – With Statistics Canada showing that a smaller proportion of seniors currently fall below low-income cut-offs than any other age group, the concern is that younger Canadians […]

  • Meet Cory Morgan – Libertarian Party Candidate – 2015 Federal Election

    Meet Cory Morgan – Libertarian Party Candidate – 2015 Federal Election

    Cory was born in Red Deer in 1971, raised in Banff and now resides in Priddis, Alberta. He was a founding member of the Wildrose Party and has served in the provincial executive positions of VP Policy and Southern zone director since the party’s inception. Cory ran for the Wildrose Party in Calgary Mountainview in […]

  • Meet Marc Slingerland – Christian Heritage Party Candidate – 2015 Federal Election

    Marc Slingerland is a high school teacher and principal of an independent school west of Lethbridge. He holds graduate degrees in Chemistry and in Educational Leadership from the University of Lethbridge. Marc is convinced of the need for a firm moral grounding for government, leading him to get involved in the Christian Heritage Party as […]

  • Who Will You Vote For? – 2015 Federal Election

    Who Will You Vote For? – 2015 Federal Election

    Due to the very long campaign period for this 2015 Federal Election the Gateway Gazette decided not to inundate our readers with election articles. Now as the voting day gets closer we have decided to post one article per business day on each of the Foothills Candidates giving you their bios and links to their […]

  • Bullying for Adults

    Bullying for Adults

    By E.P. Whinters, Guest Columnist. We are 6 weeks away from the Federal Election and the polls say the results will be different than any past Canadian election; what world that will lead us into is anyone’s guess. What I do know is that in these last six weeks, it seems that bullying has become […]

  • Who are the NDP?

    Who are the NDP?

      E.P. Whinters Today, I’m going to take a look at the history of the New Democratic Party. It definitely is a baby in comparison to the Liberals and Conservatives, who have ran Canadian politics since the first prime minister in 1867. The NDP officially began in 1961 in Ottawa at a convention that united […]