Meet Alison Thompson – NDP Candidate – 2015 Federal Election

Screen-Shot-2015-08-29-at-11.45.17-AM-1038x576Long before I wore heels to work, I wore construction boots.

Flecked black with oil and a rainbow of paint colours. I still have those boots, as a proud reminder of how my energy career began at Shell Canada’s Waterton Gas Plant, over 20 years ago. Living in Pincher Creek, I traveled over what felt like every inch of Foothills, on my bike, hiking, and on road-trips taken just to see what was around the next corner. My career trajectory has taken me to Wichita, Kansas to work for a coal powered utility; to Alberta (Drumheller, Pincher Creek, Edson, Calgary) to work in the Oil & Gas patch; and onto British Columbia and Overseas to work in renewable energy.

Both my career and community activism have spanned many themes for over 2 decades including Oil & Gas, local food, tourism, small business and alternative energy. My work and political advocacy for a non-partisan, national renewable energy association has been based in Southern Alberta over the past decade and has been focused on helping the province that we all love. The kind of help that engages governments and industry to transition to a cleaner and diversified energy future.

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