Who Will You Vote For? – 2015 Federal Election

Due to the very long campaign period for this 2015 Federal Election the Gateway Gazette decided not to inundate our readers with election articles.

Now as the voting day gets closer we have decided to post one article per business day on each of the Foothills Candidates giving you their bios and links to their websites and Party Platforms. These articles will go live on our site at 11:00am on the following dates:

October 8th – SLINGERLAND, Marc
Christian Heritage Party of Canada / Parti de l’Héritage Chrétien du Canada

October 9th – MORGAN, Cory
Libertarian Party of Canada / Parti Libertarien du Canada

October 13th – TITTEL, Romy S.
Green Party of Canada / Le Parti Vert du Canada

October 14th – THOMPSON, Alison
New Democratic Party / Nouveau Parti démocratique

October 15th – MACPHERSON, Tanya
Liberal Party of Canada / Parti libéral du Canada

October 16th – BARLOW, John
Conservative Party of Canada / Parti conservateur du Canada

To find out where you vote and the dates of the Advance Polls go to: http://www.elections.ca/home.aspx or call 1-866-497-8892.

To learn more about the Federal Party positions, please click on the links below to go to their websites.

Conservative Party: http://www.conservative.ca/

Liberal Party: https://www.liberal.ca/

NDP: http://www.ndp.ca/

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