A simple tool for browser speed and organization

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A simple tool for browser speed and organization

VIDEO TIMESTAMPS:Basic Functionality – 2:20Organization – 4:21Installing – 5:47

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: There are so many great tools available online that are often under utilized and for many it’s because they’re not aware of them or they’re really not sure how to use them.As with all of my tutorials and training, this video is geared towards beginners – so if you struggle with techie type stuff, this video is for you.If you’re more comfortable with techie stuff, then you may want to speed up the playback of this video and jump to the time stamps marks included in the main article to save some time.When you become a person who does a fair bit online you’ll inevitably end up as a person with many browser tabs open. The internet is a rabbit hole and to avoid losing resourceful sites and information; or simply for the convenience of not having to constantly open and close commonly used sites, we often find ourselves with many tabs open. The problem is that having multiple tabs open will become a drain on your computer resources. This means everything gets much slower and can lead to sites freezing or errors occurring. But it’s very time consuming having to save each website, one at a time, to our bookmarks or favourites, when you have a lot open – and cleaning up old bookmark folders is also very time consuming.Fortunately, there is an extremely handy extension available for Chrome that will allow you to instantly close, and save, all of those tabs with a single click… though it will also do so much more than that. So let’s take a look at how it works and what we can do, and then I’ll show you how to install it on your own computer.The tool I’m referring to is called OneTab, but one thing I can’t promise, is that OneTab will magically make you more organized… it can help… but, if you don’t make the effort, then it can’t quite work miracles.As we can see from some of my different Chrome accounts, I’m racking up hundreds of saved links – so it won’t stop you from saving a lot of websites, but it’s also good to know that you can save a lot of them!

Basic Functionality – TimeStamp 2:20


Now, once you have OneTab installed, and you find yourself in the situation of a ton of tabs open, maybe your computer is slowing down, maybe some sites aren’t working quite right, maybe you’re just feeling overwhelmed.Well simply click the icon that looks like a funnel… and ta da! But let’s say these tabs are all relevant to a project that you’re working on and you actually want to be able to open them all up again… rather than doing it one at a time, simply click Restore All. This group has 18 tabs in it – but once we restore them all, notice that our group of 18 tabs is now gone from OneTab. This means that if we simply close one of the tabs we have open it will no longer be saved.So another option, is that we can lock a tab group. So we send all our tabs to OneTab, then we click on More and click on Lock this tab group.Now when we restore all, our locked group will stay in place in OneTab and we can close tabs without losing them.If you decide that you no longer need a group of tabs, you can get rid of the whole group by simply clicking the Delete All link. It’ll ask if you’re sure, and then the whole group will be gone – so be careful with this option.Another very cool feature is that you can share a page of all of the tabs saved in a particular group. This option will open a separate tab with all of the links from the group and you can then copy the URL for this page and send it to other people.Over on the right, you’re going to see a few more options, and I encourage you to explore these areas and test some of the features before you get too far in with organizing your OneTab just so that you’re familiar with these options and functionality – the best use of OneTab will vary from person to person, so set it up in a way that works best for you.

Organization – TimeStamp 4:21

Next, let’s take a look at using OneTab for some organization, as there are some very intuitive features built-in.First off, when a group is not locked you’re able to drag and drop each link to reorder them. And you can delete individual links by clicking the X. You can drag from an unlocked group into any other group (locked or not) – but you can’t drag out of a locked group… you would have to unlock the group, move the link, then relock the group, to do that.You can name groups as well by clicking next to the number or by going to More and clicking on Name this tab group. You can name unlocked and locked groups… however… keep in mind that if you name an unlocked group that you then restore, if you send them all back to OneTab the newly formed group won’t be named.However, if you restore from a named, locked group, you won’t lose the name of the group.One more very cool feature, is that if you have a group of tabs further down your list that you want to pin to the top, simply click More, then click Star this tab group. That group will then move to the top of your groups and stay there. If you no longer need it at the top, simply Un-star it and it will move back down to it’s chronological place in your list of tab groups.

Installing – TimeStamp 5:47

Installing OneTab to your browser will be one of the easiest things you have likely ever done with your computer.Simply go to https://www.one-tab.com click the link for Add OneTab Now – click Install on the pop-up box – and that’s it. You’ll now see a funnel display in your address bar on the right end… in some cases you might need to click on these three dots, called a hamburger menu, to see your extension add-ons.OneTab is available for Chrome and Firefox and functions the same way in both. During installation there is a minor difference between the two – with Chrome provided a pop-up confirmation box, and Firefox redirecting to a page with an “Add to Firefox” button.

If you have any questions or run into any problems with this extension please leave a comment below, or consider joining our Facebook Group called Getting Going Online.​I hope that you’ve found this video to be useful and that you’ll use OneTab to help organize your tabs and save resources on your computer.Ciao for now!

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