Ask Biella: “What’s the most positive thing you can say to a person?”

Ask Biella - Meaningful Positivity

Meaningful Positivity

What’s the most positive thing you can say to a person?

Dear Saksham, what immediately springs to mind is what might seem obviously the most Positive, but which is not necessarily so. I’d guess many would say “I love you” is the most Positive thing we could say to a person. It might be, but not necessarily so. I would even say likely it isn’t.

Ask Biella - Meaningful Positivity

We tend, unfortunately, to equate saying something Positive to another, with compliments, which usually involves ego and thus not really Positive in the overall. Compliments go to self-esteem, to niceness, and usually to superficiality. If we have independence-of-being, compliments, while we appreciate the sentiment, don’t ultimately mean much. Far more valuable and useful, and thus much more Positive, is something that actually makes a lasting Positive difference in our lives.

Enabling Empowerment

When we look at Positivity in terms of Value and Usefulness, what we say changes considerably. If we add Awareness into the mix, we now arrive at a very different perspective on Positivity. Gone is temporary niceness and compliments. What would be most positive is that which would enable and empower another.

Awareness here is crucial. In this context of enablement and empowerment, giving someone the answers is not really Positive. Far more Positive is providing the means and mechanisms for finding the answer themselves. Providing the path, the opportunity, to acquire lasting abilities for finding solutions is the most Positive to me. Particularly if that path to self-fulfilment involves connection to Meaning and Purpose.

Layered Connectivity

If we wish to say the most Positive thing we can to another person, we thus want to say something which is not only valuable and useful, but also meaningful and purposeful. We want to provide the means, not the answer. We wish to facilitate self-enablement and self-empowerment. Something only the individual can do for themselves, thus our most Positive contribution can only be putting them on the Path, we cannot get them there, only they can do that.

Now that we are clear as to what is needed, what might that Path be, what would that path be? How do we determine the path for another, we cannot. Again, this only they can do. What prevents them from being on their path, from choosing their path, from knowing what their path is? Lack of Awareness is the issue.

To solve the problem we need Awareness, they need Awareness. Awareness is the root layer. Without Awareness they won’t even be able to recognise value and usefulness, or meaning and purpose. this is the crux of the problem.

Ask Biella - Meaningful Positivity

Overview Positivity

Taking all this into account to me the most Positive thing we can say to another person is to make them Aware of the importance of Awareness itself. Once that is seen to be the Path to value and usefulness, this leads to meaning and purpose. When on a Path of Developing and Enhancing Awareness we have put ourselves on a Path to enabling ourselves, to empowering ourselves. With Awareness we can figure out, we can connect, we can ask, we can access solutions. If we are Aware, we have options, and that’s all we need.

But, there’s More. That More is why saying something to another which puts them on a Path of Awareness is by far the most Positive thing we can say. That More is once we are focused on Awareness, immersed in Developing and Enhancing Awareness, as our Awareness grows, we discover something incredible. This can happen on its own, but if we have been alerted to this possibility, we come to see this wonderfulness sooner.

What happens as we go along focusing on Awareness is that everything seems to be helping us in our path in some way. We come to realise that everything is about Awareness! We come to see that life itself seems to be geared to assisting in the Development and Enhancement of Awareness!

If I condense all of the above into one sentence I would deem to be the most Positive thing I could say to a person, it would be this:

The meaning and purpose of life is to Develop and Enhance Awareness, the Universe is geared to assisting us in fulfilling this profound Path.

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