Ask Biella: “What is the biggest motivation of our life?”

Ask Biella - Motivation of Life


Dear Amirul, Motivation varies so much from individual to individual and if we examine why, it seems random. However, and since you ask what our motivation is, that’s an entirely different matter. Temporary motivations, no matter how long they might last, are different to Life-Motivation.

Ask Biella - Motivation of Life

What’s the difference? Regular motivation typically applies to its field of influence only, whereas Life-motivation applies to absolutely everything we do. Like for instance the innate motivation we have to be happy. This motivation can become distorted when we latch onto mis-beliefs such as ego, attention, superiority, dominance and so on. Those might seem like they can lead to happiness, and many mistakenly believe so, but they are counter-productive in the longer term. They only seem like a way to achieve happiness because of ignorance and unawareness.


This brings us to the biggest motivation of our lives, which is the Development and Enhancement of Awareness. I will even go as far as saying that Developing and Enhancing Awareness is the point and purpose and Meaning of Life.

When we look closely at unhappiness, misery, cruelty, abuse, any kind of badness, what lies at the root of it all? Unawareness. Every time. On the other end, when we look at why we aren’t happy, it’s the same reason, we don’t know, we are unaware of what to do to be happy, or happier. The solution across all aspect of happiness, to reduce misery and increase happiness lies in being more Aware. When we are specifically motivated to be more Aware, this changes our lives considerably.

Bigger Picture

Being More Aware, connects us to More. More options, more choices, more opportunities, more possibilities, more of everything. We also connect to less, as in less risk, less stress, less trouble, less misery, especially that created by our own lack of awareness.

Once we shift to Developing and Enhancing our Awareness as a Life-motivation, something extraordinary happens. Something that is easy to verify once we make that shift, but has to be tested to be proven to oneself. But it’s a most worthwhile effort to make, to test this remarkable fact-of-life. When we become immersed in Awareness, when Awareness becomes our prime motivation, the motivation to motivate motivations, our root motivation, our biggest motivation, if we pay Attention, we notice that everything in life seems to be geared to assisting us in this motivation.

It’s a truly remarkable Awareness. Which soon develops into an Understanding. Regardless of how or why it is so. If we look at the world and what happens in our lives from this Perspective we soon notice that everything we encounter in some way assists us in the Development and Enhancement of our Awareness.

Ask Biella - Motivation of Life

Makes Sense

Things that didn’t Make Sense, now start to Make Sense. Making Sense of Life is a profound shift-of-being, one that leads to more and more happiness, and to More, much much More. The more Life makes Sense, the more wonder and marvel we connect to. Once we connect Awareness to everything, we see how everything assists us in Developing and Enhancing our Awareness.

Once we start with the motivation of Awareness, that motivation, and the Awareness that results, leads to more and more motivations adding to our original motivation. Everything starts to connect. We connect to the bigger picture, the bigger picture and life itself connects to us personally, intimately. We find stuff happening that is so exquisitely just exactly what is Appropriate for the Development and Enhancement of our Awareness and what we need to learn and develop. It’s truly amazing and wonderful. 

Not always nice, because sometimes we are foolish and stubborn and reluctant to learn. Then life will assist us on gaining that Awareness we need in not-so-pleasant ways. Here it is that making the Motivation of Awareness our Prime Motive, our Life-Motivation, helps inordinately. Because when we recognise the Grand Scheme of it all, then we stop fighting the Learning, we learn to recognise when we are resisting learning, we learn to recognise the forces of life, and how to use them, connect to them, and why and where they lead us, guide us, are beneficial to us.


Having the Development and Enhancement of Awareness as our biggest motivation of course includes where it makes the biggest difference: Self-Awareness. The more and more we become Self-Aware, the more and more we connect to the Magic of Being. We soon come to realise, become Aware, that we are much More than we ever believed, and indeed, we come to realise that the World does not work the way we think it does. This includes ourselves. We don’t work the way we think we do either. As our Awareness grows, we realise there is so much More to us that we ever imagined.

Everything starts to connect more and more with more Awareness. Which connects us to More. All beginning with the realisation that indeed our biggest Motivation is Awareness, the Developing and Enhancing of Awareness. An Awareness in itself that profoundly changes us, and leads to profound shifts in Motivation itself. 


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