Ask Biella: “What is something that always makes you happy?”

Ask Biella - Cause of Happiness

Earnest Goodness

Dear Shayan, Earnest Goodness always makes me happy. Much adds to my positivity, but Earnest Goodness especially delights me.

Ask Biella - Cause of Happiness

Much is good and nice and wonderful, and thus makes me happy, makes us in general happy, but most such things do not make an active effort to make life good, make it better, merely by being. However, Earnest Goodness does. It adds to the world, increases it, improves it, changes it, keeps it going, prevents it from imploding and all sorts of other Goodness, just by being Earnestly Good.

Earnest Goodness tries, even without knowing, even knowing that it doesn’t know, but this doesn’t matter, Earnest Goodness tries anyway. This makes me happy. We don’t know pretty much everything, yet, despite that, we can try and try, thus persisting, and eventually we figure it out. This is what makes me happy about Earnest Goodness.

It makes me joyful to see Earnest Goodness quietly and without fuss working in the background, it’s Earnest Goodness that keeps the world going round. More than that, Earnest Goodness is inspiring, not always in a direct way, but indirectly. How many are motivated to go out and do what Earnest Goodness encourages them to, inspires them to, and is the reason for whom they act?

Hope and Positivity

Earnest Goodness is like the fibres of the body, the strength that holds it all together, but also the flexibility which allows it to adapt. Earnest Goodness will do its best to accommodate, but only up to a point, then we see that strength. This makes me happy. A powerful understanding to remember when we look at the seeming chaos and despair at the impending havoc. Just knowing that Earnest Goodness can only be stretched so far, until it snaps back with a vengeance, gives me much hope and encouragement, and a trust in the underlying Earnest Goodness of the world. This makes me very happy.

We but need to look at history, and all the major social changes which have taken place, the driving force behind all of them, the enabling factor was that Earnest Goodness of the majority. Earnest Goodness will take a lot, and it takes a lot for Earnest Goodness to take severe action, but when needed, Earnest Goodness always does so, because Earnest Goodness is also fundamentally honest. This keeps me Positive.

Ask Biella - Cause of Happiness


Earnest Goodness is what keeps hope alive, keeps Goodness alive, keeps sensibility alive. Earnest Goodness is the wellspring of Good Character, and this makes me exceptionally happy. As long as there is Earnest Goodness, the world will keep on improving, because Earnest Goodness will never be content as long as it can improve and be better in meaningful sensible good ways. There is no limit to Goodness, and Earnest Goodness knows that. This makes me extraordinarily happy.

It is not for nothing, I believe, that e.g. is the abbreviation of, For Example. Earnest Goodness is indeed most excellent for a good example. It seems the Universe has a sense of Earnest Good humour, and this makes me inordinately happy.

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