Ask Biella: “Is there a step by step for setting intent?”

Wants and Desires

If I have to say, I’d say it starts with tuning in to what we really really want. But that’s not enough, not nearly enough. We have to connect to what’s linked to getting what we want. In other words, are we willing to pay the price to get what we desire?

Ask Biella - Setting Intent

We have to carefully look at other connected issues, such as ethics, implications, changes, comfort levels and the like.

Once we are clear about what we Intend to Intend, we need to examine past Intents. Is our new Intent in Alignment with old Intents. Are there conflicts, contradictions?


We have to distinguish between a wish and an Intent. One way to do this is to ask ourselves with Ruthless-Honesty if we have done absolutely everything we can to enable and facilitate getting what we want. Have we been scrupulous, impeccable? Is there anything else we still can do? Intent is greatly facilitated by our contributing actions and energies. Do we actually fully believe in the validity of our Intent. Is it justified? Not whether it will happen or not, but do we believe in our Intent itself, in whether we are comfortable with having the Intent, with setting it?

When all that is out of the way, we look at our options, choices. If this course is the only possible choice and option, we now can commit with ALL of our Being. Every bit of us can now be invested in our focus. Our new Intent becomes our Last Stand, our Battle for our Life. As such, we hold nothing back, we commit our Totality to Intent. We can do no less. We are playing for big stakes.

Ask Biella - Setting Intent

Patience, Persistence, Gestures

Add to this an awareness of The Slow Magic of Intent. We have to Understand that Intent takes time, usually, because we are asking the entire World to re-arrange itself to some degree in order to accommodate our Intent. This can take some time. This also makes us Aware of what it is that we are asking, and thus, we don’t ever ask via Intent unless we absolutely have no other choice. It’s a Big Ask.

Since this is such a Big Ask, we need to add what we can to help, in terms of the energy. Here there are a few things we can do. One, we can make a Gesture to Intent.

Think of this Capital G Gesture as an action which “puts us out there,” showing Intent we are deadly serious. Proving we are so. A Gesture is an Act of Largesse, an Act of the Spirit, an Act of Commitment, an Act of Personal Liberation and Freedom. Not always an easy thing to do, because typically we have to overcome our limitations and restrictions such as convention, habit, ego, self-importance and the like.

A Gesture is somewhat like asking for help, but in a Grand Way, stylishly, with flair. We can think of a gesture as our pitch to the Universe, to Intent. No small measures here. We need something significant, impactful, meaningful, and it needs to be proven to be so with the very act itself. A Gesture is us demonstrating that we are willing to do what it takes for our Intent. Prove, not say, prove, not wish, prove, not hope. A Gesture, a true Capital G Gesture is a powerful act of Sincerity, Joy, Freedom, Humour, and Personal Power.

Unbending Intent

To finalise our Act of Setting-an-Intent we need to then hold *Unbending Intent.* This is crucial. Time, Energy, Focus, Attention, Patience, Discipline, and Forbearance are all integral in contributing to Timing. Holding Unbending Intent is imperative to maintaining that connecting link through which we stay tethered to Intent, to Spirit. A link through which our energies can contribute, no matter how small they are. We can’t be taking any chances whatsoever. It’s up to us to be doing whatever we can, no matter how insignificant it might be.

Capital T Trust

When all of this is in place, we enable Trust, Capital T Trust, because that’s now all that’s left. We have to Trust in Trust itself, Trust our Unrelenting Impeccability in Applying our Unbending Intent.


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