Ask Biella: “How can you get as many different perspectives as possible?”

Ask Biella - Different Perspectives

Using Opposite

Dear Dina, Starting with Opposite is a great way to acquire different Perspectives. But, it’s starting with opposite, not merely taking the opposite perspective. If we use opposite as a starting point it greatly helps because from there, our view of matters is fresh and new. not affected by habit and familiarity. This enables us to see what we otherwise might not because of a trained view that sees only what we want to see or what is most efficient for us to see. But, from an opposite perspective, especially if we move around a bit from that opposite, suddenly we have many new perspectives to choose from.

Ask Biella - Different Perspectives

Opposite also comes in handy when taking on the perspectives of others, friends family etc, those you disagree with, weirdos even. because coming from somewhere near opposite affords us that openness, that freshness, to see more than we otherwise might. We can now take on perspectives that don’t seem reasonable, logical, sensible and work from there. Letting go of assumptions is key. Working backwards from the end helps tremendously for generating different perspectives. Same with shifting the mind internally in virtual space, changing angles, positions, letting go of truth and untruth temporarily, to connect to a larger truth through Perspective.

Ask Biella - Different Perspectives

Alien Angles

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Imagine if you were an alien who just landed and had to experience the world without the benefits of any prior knowledge, Imagine everything being unfamiliar, imagine needing to ask why about everything. Even imagine alien footwear, how that might affect your perspectives standing in them.

Likewise, pretend to be a baby, a tall person, a short person, the dog, the cat, what would their view and perspective be… there are clues… tall people look down? Short people look up… some hover over, take up more space, are more visible, easily overlooked and neglected, etc. Dogs, cats, babies get looked after, their world-view would be different. 

Take on the attitudes of these various others. Assume their opinions and beliefs. Those are massively affecting when it comes to perspectives. Just as are motivations, goals, and agendas. Again opposite is useful here. Taking on, temporarily, positions we would never actually hold, such as a those of a criminal, or a bullshitter, a narcissist maybe, an abuser, and also of victims. These are phenomenal for generating different perspectives, and with them, Awareness, Discernment, Understanding, and if we put those all together, a phenomenal Insight.

Exploring perspectives is exciting and allows one to understand those around us more fully and to live in the world more deeply. Have Fun!

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