METAL Refinery at the Art Gallery of Alberta

Your AGA’s latest edition of the Refinery Late Night Art Party: Metal-inspired visuals, Expressionism, and heavy metal music meet at METAL Refinery

Edmonton, AB – The Art Gallery of Alberta presents METAL Refinery in the latest edition of the popular Refinery Late Night Art Party, Saturday, November 28 at Your AGA.

Inspired by Fritz Lang’s classic 1927 science fiction film Metropolis and our current exhibition Living Building Thinking: Art and Expressionism, METAL Refinery fuses the style of German Expressionism with 1980s German heavy metal music and metal-inspired visuals to create a dark new world that pays homage to both rock and roll and the Expressionist movement. Break out your best metal-inspired fashion, and head to Your AGA for the most outstanding party of the year!

METAL Refinery will feature art projects by Elaine Weryshko, Nancy Sandercock, and Jonathan Luckhurst; live interactive activities including continuous line portrait drawing with wire and metal-stamping led by silversmith Dave Curoe; a metal-spinning DJ; German-themed food including mini Human Berliner donuts, sausages and pretzels; and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis screening all evening in both Manning Hall and the Ledcor Theatre. 

Metal-Refinery-AGAMETAL Refinery

Late-night art party

Saturday, November 28, 2015

9 pm–2 am | 18+


Tickets on sale now!

Gallery admission is included in the ticket price and includes access to the following exhibitions:

  • Chris Cran, Sincerely Yours
  • Living Building Thinking: Art and Expressionism
  • ROUGH COUNTRY: The Strangely Familiar in mid-20th Century Alberta Art
  • Dana Holst: She’s All That

Refinery Artists

Elaine Weryshko is a performance artist from Calgary who bases her practice in the theory of Clown, Bouffon and the Poetic Body. She has worked with a wide range of companies touring around the world including The Old Trouts, Green Fools and the infamous audience immersed company PunchDrunk in their London production of a Drowned Man. Elaine’s Refinery project will combine the emotional worlds of German Expressionistic views and the gravity of Metal sculpture work in a spontaneous work titled REBIRTH: A Heavy Metal Goring. Highly inspired by the stark black and white contrasts and rejection of realism in the German Expressionist films, this piece honours the things we cannot unsee, unhear or undo. Things that have opened our eyes and made clear the many hues of gray existing in the honesty of our human selves, beyond the false imaginary world of black and white.

Nancy Sandercock’s artistic research and practice focuses on creative process and the intersections of disciplines. She  incorporates visual art, dance, yoga, film, performance art, theatre, and immersive musical/soundscapes equally into her work. She is currently completing a Post-Graduate Degree at the University of Alberta in Drama Theatre Practice. Her performance for Refinery will draw on installed elements from her recent ninety-minute intermedial piece frost flowers/arctic death machine (2015). Highlights will include: torch-cut metal sculptures by Edmonton artist Blair Brennan; a video created with festival favorite Kyle Armstrong (Magnetic Reconnection), featuring actress Susan Kent (This Hour has 22 Minutes); and soundscapes by composer Dave Wall. Also featured in the performance are abstracted séance readings, real time knitting of a forty foot Mylar blanket, and a short walk through a corridor of hallucinogenic Dream Machines.

Jonathan Luckhurst turned to an art based photo practice after spending three years documenting the Kumbh and Magh Mela mass Hindu Pilgrimages in Northern India. He has received grants from the Canada Council for the Arts (ACDI), the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the Edmonton Arts Council, and in 2015 his work was exhibited at the Vancouver Biennale alongside fellow residency artists Tammam Azaam (Syria), Kristin McIver (Australia) and Rathin Barmin (India). Jonathan currently lives and works in Edmonton. For METAL Refinery, Luckhurst will be presenting an installation consisting of a large 8’x4’ suspended panel showing a pigment print on honen paper. The work relates to his interest in the interplay between geometric and organic forms, connecting to his previous work concerning the split between constructed and natural environments.


Refinery are a series of late night art parties hosted by the Art Gallery of Alberta, typically themed around current exhibitions. Since the inaugural Refinery party in 2010, the series has become a staple of Edmonton nightlife, regularly attracting crowds 800+ attendees. Refinery aims to provide audiences with access to art in its many diverse forms, media and manifestations. Refinery is not an AGA fundraising event but one of the unique ways the Art Gallery of Alberta connects people, art and ideas.


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