You Can Be Canada’s Safest Driver

You Can Be Canada's Safest Driver

Canada’s Safest Driver is a new skills-based contest running from April 6 until May 31 and open to Canadian residents with a valid driver’s licence who have reached age of majority. To participate, you first need to download the Canada’s Safest Driver app, which will be available as of March 23 at The telematics app, once loaded on your mobile device and activated, will track safe driving by measuring the driving habits of entrants looking at:

  • promoting safe speeds/complying with speed limits
  • avoiding phone distraction
  • smooth acceleration rates
  • smooth corner turning
  • smooth braking performance

One grand prize of $10,000, a second-place prize of $5,000 and a third-place prize of $2,000 will be awarded to the entrants who get the best three overall driving scores on the app. There’s a $500 “early bird” prize for the best score between April 6 and April 16 and additional $500 prizes throughout the contest tied to best score in a particular driving measurement.

Through this contest, Parachute’s goal is to promote safe driving, improve road safety, provide insight into how telematics can improve driver safety, and increase awareness of and participation in Parachute’s Vision Zero initiatives. To read the contest rules and download the app, visit the Parachute website starting March 23, 2020 at