Xpedition 90X – Edmonton-based Airworks Compressors Will Be Making Antarctic History With Expedition of Firsts!

Xpedition 90X – Edmonton-based Airworks Compressors Will Be Making Antarctic History With Expedition of Firsts!

Airworks Compressors Corp. is embarking on an expedition of epic proportions!

Xpedition 90X is a journey to the South Pole hailing from Edmonton, Alberta and will be making history this November 2018 with the first single vehicle expedition, first hybrid vehicle expedition and first Canadian-led driving expedition- to the South Pole, carving a definitive place for Xpedition 90X in Antarctic history.

A 4-man crew led by Airworks’ President Darryl Weflen, will venture together in a modified International MXT called ‘Rockhopper’ (affectionately named after Antarctica’s national bird), anywhere from 20 to 30 days in the most challenging conditions while testing equipment on the journey. Wrapped by William Huff Advertising in a futuristic steampunk-inspired design, and upfitted with Mattracks, extensive LED lighting by Partsking.ca, a custom-designed service body by Milron Metal Fabricating and a complex live tracking satellite system provisioned by GFI Systems, Rockhopper is already garnering much attention.

However, the main focus of this foray to the harshest continent on earth is to prove the ruggedness of Airworks’ new, Edmonton-invented, patent-pending technology: the G-Force Hybrid Drive System and showcase how Canada is leading the world with innovative, green technology. Rockhopper is being modified to contain a small diesel engine and electric motor system. The diesel/electric propulsion assist system will propel the vehicle. Primarily marketed for military applications to convert Class 4 and larger trucks and vehicles to reduce fuel usage and heat signature while on deployment, the G-Force will be available for commercial use early in 2019.

The crew has 4 people confirmed for the expedition which departs for the South Pole in November 2018 from Union Glacier. All will be undergoing equipment, vehicle and cold weather training in addition to first aid, CPR and crisis management.

Facing colossal hardships like crevasses, extreme temperatures, long days in close quarters and the unknown perils of a foray into the frigid, icy winterscape that is Antarctica, Xpedition 90X will push the limits of Rockhopper, the G-Force and the crew.  Follow them as they make history!