Would you ‘Dare to Dream’ like these kids?

by Turner Valley Parent and Teacher Association

Dare to Dream - TV SchoolTurner Valley students are looking to make a difference in this world. They have dared to dream for something big….will you help them reach their goal? They need to find 80,000 people that want to make a difference! Will you be one of them? 

Legacy Park is about more than just building a playground.  It is about realizing the WHOLE WORLD IS OUR PLAYGROUND and we all have a part to play in it.  We each hold a key that needs to be joined together so we can unlock the fullness of life and leave a legacy that is greater than ourselves.  On our own we can not accomplish much…but together the possibilities are endless!

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly disconnected. It is time to connect with others and unlock some greatness…do you what to join us?   We are looking for 80,000 people that want to make a difference.

Legacy Park is an example of what happens when you remove all limitations and dare to dream. You take an existing playground that currently looks like this….


and transform it into this….


Legacy Park will be an unsurpassed universally accessible playground and park facility.  It will provide ‘accessible’ recreation opportunities that are currently not available in the local area.  The new playground will attach to the existing play structure, connecting the past to the present in a way that blends the two seamlessly together.  The park is designed to stimulate many facets of development and to be inclusive for people of all abilities.

This will truly be a place where kids can ‘dare to dream’….

A key component of Legacy Park is the wall of history that will grace the park entrance.  It will be a place to educate and inspire students and visitors alike.  You will learn amazing local, provincial and Canadian history.  Let’s celebrate our roots lest we forgetwhere we came from and the price that was paid for our freedom!


Do you want your name to go down in history?
Join this legacy and your name engraved on the wall of history.  Below is a conceptual image for how we want to recognize our donors.  We would like to create a word image in the shape of Canada from all the names of our donors.  Whether you are Canadian or not if you have donated to this project you are impacting Canada.  By using different font sizes for different donation amounts we show our diversity and celebrate each persons uniqueness.  Not everyone can give the same amount, but by joining together we ALL create the masterpiece you see.  It’s time to celebrate our differences and stop trying to be the same.


Please note the final design, layout and location of the donor recognition will be subject to approval from the Foothills School Division.

Will there be a grand opening?  Yes!  Should we raise enough funds the grand opening of Legacy Park will be September 9, 2016.  Each year we hold a ‘back-to-school’ pancake breakfast on the first Friday after labor day.  We think this would be a great day for a grand opening.  We will keep you posted as the funding progresses!

What happens if we don’t get all the funding?  We have broken Legacy Park into seven phases.  Depending on what level of funding is reached we will work to complete as much of the park as possible.  We need $200,000 to complete Phase 1 which includes the wall of history.

Where is your money going?  The Turner Valley Parent and Teacher Association partnered with Grade 6 students at Turner Valley School to launch this project.  The Turner Valley PTA is a registered society of Alberta that was established in 1990.  We are a non-profit organization and have been investing in students at Turner Valley School for 25 years.  All money raised from this campaign will be held by the Turner Valley Parent and Teacher Association and will be used to implement the Legacy Park project.  Should we raise more money than the project requires, any additional funding will be used to fund projects that align with the objectives of the organization.  We will continue to invest in our students and continue leaving a legacy!


Legacy Park playground equipment



What about future growth?  We have not forgotten to look ahead.  Legacy Park was planned with future school expansion in mind so the integrity of the park will remain well into the future.  The high swings would be the only components that would need to be relocated to accommodate future expansion of the school.


To contribute visit the fundraiser page here.