World’s First Fully Integrated Research Facility Opens in Pine Creek Wastewater Plant

Embedded within The City’s Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, a brand new, real-time, world class research facility has opened – Advancing Canadian Wastewater Assets (ACWA).

The ACWA facility, with additional locations on the University of Calgary campus, is the only fully integrated research facility located within an active industrial wastewater treatment plant that will enable world class research that cannot be completed anywhere else.

Students from the University of Calgary will work with City staff from multiple disciplines to develop new methods of wastewater testing, treatment technologies, and potential impacts on public health and the environment.

“Water is our most precious resource. Every community along the Bow River is responsible for keeping it healthy,” said Mayor Naheed Nenshi at the ACWA opening. “Developing wastewater treatment technologies that can improve the ecosystem and protect human health is not just important for Albertans – it’s also a global issue. ACWA represents our commitment to be responsible stewards of the environment and demonstrates we are good custodians of the public money invested in research.”

Manager of Water Quality Services, Nancy Stalker adds, “The City monitors emerging trends and regulations as well as pilot technologies to protect public health and the environment. Scientific findings are helping support our decision- making for our assets and natural environment.”

The ACWA research facility is result of the Urban Alliance collaborative partnership between The City of Calgary and University of Calgary that ensures Calgary and Calgarians directly benefit from applied research. The Urban Alliance specifically promotes and expedites the seamless transfer of cutting-edge research between The City and the University work on a wide range of issues (including water) that may impact our citizens and the community.

Through other strategic partnerships with Water Research Foundation, Water Environment Research Foundation, Canadian Water Network and ACWA, The City of Calgary works as part of a greater team to ensure safe and sustainable water quality and quantity for our citizens.