World Refugee Day: Statement from Minister Copping

Jason Copping, Minister of Labour and Immigration, issued the following statement to recognize World Refugee Day:

“As Albertans, we observe World Refugee Day with solemnity for the millions of lives that have been displaced across the globe.

“Disaster and conflict have disrupted and turned the lives of these ordinary people inside out. Many have fled violence, oppression and the lack of the basic human rights that we enjoy in Canada. Despite this misfortune and the many obstacles stemming from their fight for a better life, these men, women and children persevere. They have a commitment to family and a will to form communities, and to thrive in their new homes.

“This is why Alberta’s new government is working to ensure there is fairness for these refugees, and for others who have made Alberta their home, so that we are not adding additional barriers to their ability to succeed in Canada. This government promised fairness for newcomers, and we will keep that promise.

“On June 19, we introduced new legislation to ensure that qualified individuals with foreign credentials are able to access the Alberta jobs market and contribute to the economy. Alberta should be a place for people to succeed, and the government should support those who come here with the drive and spirit that makes our province thrive.   

“As Canadians and Albertans, our spirit of generosity exhorts us to welcome those who have fled their homes, who have settled here with the hopes that have brought people to Alberta for generations. Together, we can make that hope a reality.”