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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: Minister Pon

Minister of Seniors and Housing Josephine Pon issued the following statement to mark World Elder Abuse Awareness Day:

“Every year, on June 15, we recognize World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. In Alberta and throughout the world, people unite to lift their voices against elder abuse.

“We define elder abuse as any action or inaction, to self or others, that jeopardizes the health or well-being of any older adult. We know rates of abuse of all types, including elder abuse, increase during crises and disasters. There is heightened concern during the COVID?19 pandemic for the potential increase of elder abuse. 

“It is important we mark this day to help reduce the stigma around elder abuse, and remind people that help is available.

“Our government has supported the Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council in its mission to support a community response to elder abuse. The council is a provincewide network of professionals dedicated to promoting the well-being and security of older adults by developing resources to address and educate about elder abuse.

“This year, the council launched an awareness campaign that includes a number of tools available at I am proud to present this year’s official declaration to the council today.

“Our government will do everything it can to prevent and end elder abuse, and to ensure the safety and security of Alberta seniors.

“Today, wear purple to show your support for elder abuse prevention, and to recognize World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.”

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