World Catholic Education Day: Minister LaGrange

Education Minister Adriana LaGrange issued the following statement on World Catholic Education Day:

World Catholic Education Day

Minister LaGrange celebrating World Catholic Education Day with the students, staff, trustees and parents of St. John XXIII Catholic School in Fort Saskatchewan.

“Today marks World Catholic Education Day, a time to appreciate the role of Catholic education in the lives of children around the world.

“As Minister of Education, it is my pleasure to recognize excellence across Alberta’s school system and ensure we live up to the high expectations of all our students and their families.

“Catholic education provides an important choice for parents who wish to place their children in a faith-based learning environment.

“I believe in the importance of a distinct and faith filled education and I am pleased to celebrate the legacy of over 170 years of excellence and ongoing contribution of Catholic education to students, parents and educators across Alberta. God bless.”

Minister LaGrange joined students, staff, parents and community members of St. John XXIII Catholic School in Fort Saskatchewan to celebrate World Catholic Education Day.