Wish to Connect Event Raises Big Money for Rowan House

Rowan House would like to once again thank Heritage Point Properties for it’s Wish to Connect fundraiser in support of Rowan House and the Scott Seaman Sports Rink.

The event, focusing on strong family foundations and sense of community, raised $36,500 for the shelter!
“Not all families enjoy the stability that most of us take for granted,” notes Ted Stack, Vice President of Land Development for Heritage Pointe Properties. “Wish to Connect” was created for this very reason — to help families stay connected, whether it’s families in need, families who live in Artesia and families living in the MD of Foothills/Calgary region.

Donation Break Down

Albi Homes—$5,000

Astoria Custom Homes—$5,000

Calbridge Homes—$5,000

IBI Group—$2,500 ION—$500

Kidco Construction—$5,000

Lear Construction—$2,500

McIntosh Lalani—$2,000

Nucor Systems—$1,500

Pasquini Associated—$1,250

Volker Stevin—$5,000

Shelby & Donald Dessario—$500

Susan & Bruce Mckenzie—$500

Community Event—$147


Total: $36,500