Winnipeg Hawks and Global T20 Have No Engagements with Mansoor Akhtar

BRAMPTON, Ontario – Bombay Sports Co. Ltd, promoters of Global T20 Canada, and the Winnipeg Hawks franchise have no relationship with Mr. Mansoor Akhtar. 

In a widely publicized media article, the Winnipeg Hawks, a franchise operating in the Global T20 Championship, were referred to as having engaged Akhtar to serve as an official with the franchise.  

This statement is untrue.  

The Winnipeg Hawks issued the following statement: 

“The Winnipeg Hawks franchise would like to clarify statements made in the global media about the affiliation of Mansoor Akhtar with our franchise. The person mentioned has never been engaged by the ownership group to represent or hold any management capacity in our franchise. The player mentioned in the article was drafted by the Winnipeg Hawks for the 2nd edition of Global T20 Canada and is currently a player on our team. We would like to officially state for the record that Mansoor Akhtar has never had any affiliation with the Winnipeg Hawks franchise. 

The League and Winnipeg Hawks ownership will support any investigation and remain supportive of all players and staff who report concerns.  

Global T20 Canada like all global cricket leagues held Anti-Corruption seminars prior to the start of the competition. These are designed to equip players with the information and tools necessary in the case of illegal activity.  

All of GT20’s partners work closely with the International Cricket Council to uphold the integrity of the game.