Wildrose to Introduce Common Sense Amendment for Teachers to Bill 5



EDMONTON, AB: After consultation and feedback from stakeholders affected by proposed changes made in Bill 5, the Public Sector Transparency Act,Wildrose is planning to introduce an amendment to ensure teachers are not subject to disclosure thresholds lower than other public bodies, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

Wildrose believes public disclosure is an important step for openness and transparency related to taxpayer-funded salaries, but when it comes to educators, any disclosures boards decide on should not go below the threshold of $125,000 proposed in the bill for other agencies, boards, and commissions (ABCs).

“After listening to those who will be directly impacted by the passage of this legislation, we believe this amendment strikes the right tone concerning public disclosure for school boards,” Wildrose Shadow Education Minister Mark Smith said. “There is no good reason for teachers to have a disclosure threshold lower than everyone else.”

The intent of this Wildrose amendment is to ensure that teachers do not have to be concerned about their salaries being disclosed as an indirect consequence of this legislation, which is meant to provide transparency for higher wage earners.

“Teachers are the backbone of our education system, and their focus should be on ensuring students are reaching their full potential, rather than on the possibility that their salaries will be disclosed,” Smith said. “I am hopeful that the government will acknowledge the importance of this amendment, and be supportive of it at committee of the whole.”

The expansion of sunshine lists to include ABCs is something Wildrose advocated for during the last election.