Wildrose to Complete Calgary and Edmonton Ring Roads


CALGARY, AB – Wednesday, Wildrose announced a commitment to complete Alberta’s major ring road projects and reverse the Prentice PCs delay of the final critical leg of the Calgary ring road, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said.

“Drivers in our cities are looking for relief, and they’re looking for leadership that stands up for their interests.  In Calgary, we know drivers can’t wait another decade to get this last section of ring road built,” Jean said. “Cities like Calgary and Edmonton are vibrant and alive, and deserve a commitment from their leaders to keep our cities strong. Wildrose will make this project a top priority on our public infrastructure list, and do it without raising taxes.”

The Prentice PC Plan quietly announced in Budget 2015 that they would not complete the ring road for another decade.

Wildrose pledged to use the Regional Infrastructure Fund component of the Wildrose 10/10 MSI plan to start construction on the critical west leg of the Calgary Ring Road by or before the planned 2017 start date.

The Regional Infrastructure Fund receives $300-400 million from the 10-10 MSI envelope and 15 per cent of all government surpluses under the Wildrose savings plan.  Boosted through anticipated surplus by 2017, this fund would be used for projects of regional importance that support our municipalities, such as ring road and LRT projects.

“Dead-ending the ring road into Sarcee and Glenmore Trail makes no sense. This project is a priority for Calgary, it’s a priority for Albertans who live south and west of Calgary, and it’s a priority for us,” Jean said. “This would be the first priority for us out of our Regional Infrastructure Fund so the funding is already there. We need to keep Calgary moving and get the ring road built, and a Wildrose government would do just that.”