Wildrose Statement on Partial Re-Entry to Abasand and Beacon Hill

FORT McMURRAY, AB: Friday, Wildrose Leader and MLA for Fort McMurray-Conklin Brian Jean released the following statement on confirmation that more than 400 homes will be reopened to residents in Abasand and Beacon Hill:

“It is a relief to hear that almost four months after wildfires devastated Fort McMurray, a re-entry plan is finally in place for many of the homes which did not suffer fire damage in Abasand and Beacon Hill.

“This sign off from the Chief Medical Officer is something Wildrose has been demanding, and my hope is that further red tape can be cut down so that residents of Fort McMurray can start to rebuild and get on with their lives.

“There still exists a need to green light development and building permits.

“Residents are still waiting for assurances that rebuilding can happen in Waterways. We all want to take advantage of what is left of the 2016 construction season.

“All levels of government must work around the clock to show the residents of Fort McMurray that getting life back to normal is their top priority.”