Wildrose Statement of NDP Government Cabinet Shuffle

EDMONTON, AB (February 2, 2016): Today, Wildrose Shadow Democracy and Accountability Minister Jason Nixon released the following statement on the NDP government’s cabinet shuffle:

“We want to congratulate the newest members of cabinet. We hope this shuffle will indicate a change in tone regarding the harmful impact NDP government policies are having on Alberta’s economy.

“It’s clear the NDP government is trying to change the channel on their poor record to date, including the introduction of damaging economic policies such as a 50 per cent increase to the minimum wage, more red-tape and regulations and tax increases on every Albertan and every industry.

“Today’s shuffle also signals a past failure to properly represent Calgary’s interests.  Immediate support for pipelines in all directions and a better ability to listen is the only signal to Calgarians and Albertans that can make a difference.

“What our government needs to be demonstrating is stability to Albertans and a willingness to improve economic conditions in the province. Reshuffling the deck, making up new ministries and creating an absence of leadership on important legislative committees will not bring that confidence.”