Wildrose Sets Timelines for Calgary-Greenway Nomination

Wildrose Sets Timelines for Calgary-Greenway Nomination

CALGARY, AB (February 4, 2016): Wildrose has announced the timelines for its Calgary-Greenway nomination.

Applicants have until Sunday, Feb. 7 to file applications and sell memberships. A nomination vote has been tentatively scheduled for Saturday, March 5. Further details on the time and location of the vote will be released in the coming weeks.

Only Wildrose members who live in Calgary-Greenway and who hold memberships on or before Sunday, Feb. 7 will be eligible to vote in the nomination. Wildrose members interested in applying to be the nomination candidate can request an application by emailing nominations@wildrose.ca.

Wildrose Executive Director Jeremy Nixon said he’s thrilled at the level of interest Calgary-Greenway residents have shown in the nomination.

“Calgarians have seen that only Wildrose can effectively oppose the NDP, stand up for our energy sector and protect the economy,” Nixon said. “We are looking forward to having a competitive and democratic nomination process to select our candidate and give the people of Calgary-Greenway a strong voice in the legislature.”