Wildrose Releases New Map Highlighting Most Dangerous Highway Sections in Alberta

EDMONTON, AB: On June 28th, Wildrose released a new interactive map highlighting the eight most dangerous highway sections over a ten-year period and called on the NDP government to create an action plan to reduce risks and improve safety along these critical highway corridors.

The map can be viewed here.

The information was gathered through a freedom of information request by Wildrose detailing fatalities from 2005 to 2014.

Wildrose Shadow Transportation & Technology Minister Grant Hunter said with the long weekend and summer upon us, it’s important Albertans are given this information.

“Albertans rely on their vehicles for travelling on vacations, commuting and business. For families, it’s important to know where high risk sections of highway exist and pressure the government to take the needed action,” Hunter said. “With the long weekend just around the corner, this initiative is a reminder that we need to drive safe and that government needs to raise awareness and implement solutions for the challenges we are facing on our highway network.”

The NDP government blocked detailing the exact locations of the accidents on these highway sections.

Hunter said this information is critical to improve transparency and called on the government to stop trying to hide the information.

“This is not very transparent of the department when as opposition, all we are trying to do is help identify the troubled spots on our highways so we can prioritize limited funding for safety improvements,” Hunter said.

In 2014, 369 people died, 18,745 people were injured, and there were 144,740 total collisions on Alberta’s highways.