Wildrose Pledges $500 Activity Tax Credits For Children and Seniors Once Budget is Balanced


CALGARY, AB (May 1, 2015): Today, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said a Wildrose government would introduce a $500 Child Activity Tax Credit and $500 Seniors Activity Tax Credit once the budget is balanced.

The tax credit would allow seniors and families with children under 18 years of age participating in cultural, arts, or sports programs to claim a tax credit for those fees up to a maximum of $500.

“Wildrose is committed to strengthening families and making life more affordable for all Albertans,” Jean said. “The Child Activity Tax Credit will help families with the rising cost of arts and sports programs and keep their children healthy and active as they grow up.”

Activities eligible for the Child Activity Tax Credit include team and individual sports such as hockey, basketball, baseball, football, soccer, martial arts, and more. Artistic and cultural programs like cadets, girl guides, dance, drama, music, art and foreign language training would also qualify.

“We know that the costs of organized activities can be tough to keep up with for seniors on fixed incomes,” Jean said, “The benefits of more seniors staying physically and socially active make this investment worthwhile. The Seniors Activity Tax Credit will enable seniors to take part in more organized activities, and this will be a benefit not only for them but our long-term health costs as well.”

The PCs pledged a Seniors Activity Tax Credit in the last election, but it is one more broken promise from the 44-year old government.

“On May 5th, Albertans have an exciting chance to vote for change Albertans can trust.  Our plan is balanced, measured, and shrinks the size of government so once we balance the budget, we can support healthy kids and seniors,” Jean said.