Wildrose Party to Announce New Leader on March 28th


EDMONTON, AB (February 26, 2015): The new leader of the Wildrose Party will be announced on March 28, 2015. After hearing much feedback from members, constituency associations, and candidates, the Wildrose Party Executive Council met and voted unanimously to accelerate the leadership process.

“With no shortage of speculation into the timing of the next general provincial election, there’s been a lot of energy and excitement from Wildrose members to elect a new Leader,” Wildrose Party President Jeff Callaway said. “We’re a grassroots party and members have been clear they want a new Leader in place before Premier Jim Prentice breaks his own fixed election law. Our job as a party is to make sure the Wildrose is ready for an election, whenever it may be called, and that includes getting a Leader in place.”

The 24,000 strong members of the party will have the opportunity to vote by telephone ballot over a span of 12 days, from March 16 to March 28, with the announcement of the results and introduction of the new Leader at an event at the Sheraton Cavalier in Calgary on March 28, 2015.

Secure and unique PINs will be mailed out to the general membership beginning on March 9. To vote in the leadership contest, electors must be members of the Wildrose Party in good standing for at least 14 days prior to the March 28 vote.

Those interested in running for the leadership of the Wildrose should email leadership@wildrose.ca for an application package. Candidates are required to gather 250 signatures from members across the province and submit a $20,000 non-refundable entry fee. The deadline to enter the race is March 7, 2015.

Interim Wildrose Leader Heather Forsyth said she’s been overwhelmed by the incredible energy and interest among party members.

“Over the last 2 months, I’ve heard from thousands of Albertans wanting to get involved and fight for this party,” Forsyth said. “They want to fight for the Wildrose because they believe in what it represents: a commitment to conservative values, fiscal prudence, and ensuring accountable government. I’m incredibly excited about the direction the party is heading and I encourage all Albertans to get involved and help move the Wildrose forward.”