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Wildrose Opens Applications for Calgary-Greenway Nomination


CALGARY, AB: Monday, Wildrose announced the beginning of the application process for the Calgary-Greenway nomination.

“We remain saddened by the tragic and unexpected death of our friend Manmeet Bhullar,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said “But we know the NDP has in the past called snap by-elections and Wildrose, as the official opposition, is duty bound to provide the voters of Calgary-Greenway with an alternative.”

“Wildrose believes it’s important that all common sense Albertans feel welcome in our party, and we want to continue to extend that invitation,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “We now have an opportunity to engage in an open and democratic nomination process, bring all conservatives together, and give the people of Calgary–Greenway strong leadership against an ideological NDP government.”

The Wildrose executive will be making a decision on nomination dates and details in the imminent future. Wildrose members interested in applying to be the nomination contestant can request an application by emailing

Wildrose Executive Director Jeremy Nixon said he’s thrilled by the amount of interest showed by Calgarians in the Wildrose party nomination process.

“Calgarians have seen that only Wildrose can effectively oppose the NDP, stand up for our energy sector, and protect the economy,” Nixon said  “We are looking forward to having a competitive nomination process to select our candidate and give the people of Calgary-Greenway a strong voice in the legislature.”

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