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Wildrose Members Select Devinder Toor as their Candidate in Calgary-Greenway

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CALGARY, AB (February 26, 2016): Today, Wildrose Calgary-Greenway members selected Devinder Toor as their candidate for the upcoming byelection.

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said he is proud of the selection made by members and encouraged common sense Calgarians to rally behind Wildrose in Calgary-Greenway.

“Wildrose is the only party that can beat the NDP in ever region of the province and is fighting for jobs, the economy, equalization fairness and our energy sector,” Jean said. “We encourage all Calgarians who want to see a united opposition to the NDP to join Devinder Toor in fighting for a strong Calgary and a strong Alberta.”

Born in India, Devinder has lived in Calgary for over 22 years. Devinder holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy and is a proud small business owner.

He has spent the past several years advocating for more efficient government and the elimination of red-tape

“With my background, I understand the importance of protecting jobs and the economy from bad NDP policy,” Toor said. “I want to thank all the volunteers who put together their time and energy for this nomination race. I look forward to rallying our party together and working to try and win Calgary-Greenway.”

Devinder Toor - Wildrose

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