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Wildrose Launches Petition to Support New Recall Legislation

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EDMONTON, AB: (Monday), Wildrose launched a new petition campaign for Albertans to support recall legislation such as that to be introduced by Wildrose Drayton Valley-Devon MLA Mark Smith with his upcoming Bill 201.

The petition can be signed online or downloaded at

Bill 201, the Election Recall Act, is scheduled to be introduced this week and would empower voters to recall their MLAs and force a byelection. Under the legislation, physical signatures of eligible voters in a riding equaling 66 per cent of ballots cast in the last election would be required, and a petition could only be started 18 months after an election.

“Albertans are the boss, not MLAs. There needs to be the tools in place for Albertans to keep their MLAs accountable in between elections,” Smith said. “Bill 201 meets the rigorous standards Albertans expect to ensure recall petitions are not used frivolously and stability is maintained in our political system. We encourage all Albertans who support keeping their MLAs accountable to sign our petition.”

Under the legislation, petitioners would have to pay a $5,000 fee to prevent frivolous petitions, and then would have 60 days to collect physical, witnessed signatures from eligible voters in a constituency.

Wildrose Shadow Democracy & Accountability Minister Jason Nixon said while recall should not be something that is taken lightly, politicians should not be immune from a job performance review for four years regardless of their conduct, and Bill 201 sends that message.

“Recall makes government more accountable to Albertans both today and in the future, and it ensures MLAs have more freedom to stand up for their community’s best interests,” Nixon said. “We hope that with the support of Albertans, we can encourage all MLAs in the legislature to support Bill 201.”

Quick Facts:

  • A successful petition would require physical signatures of eligible voters in a riding equaling 66% of ballots cast in the last election
  • A recall petition could not begin until 18 months after an election
  • Petition signatures can only be acquired within a 60-day period
  • Starting a petition requires a $5,000 processing fee for the Chief Electoral Officer
  • If successful, a recall petition would force a byelection where the unseated MLA would be eligible to run
  • An MLA could only be recalled once in a term
  • Many U.S. states have recall provisions, but British Columbia is the only province with recall legislation. For more details on their recall legislation, visit here.

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