Wildrose Caucus Statement


Wildrose-Feature-Image.jpgEDMONTON, AB (December 19, 2014): Today, members of the Wildrose Caucus issued the following joint statement.

“The Wildrose remains strong and united in its purpose of providing a principled and unwavering fiscal conservative voice for Albertans.

Our team of MLAs are already working with the party to lay out the plan for our members, supporters, volunteers and committed voters. We will never let you down, we will hold this government to account and we will begin the important work of achieving an even better Alberta.

As MLAs, we remain fiercely committed to the Wildrose party, but more importantly, the principles and mandate that we were sent to the Legislature to fulfill.

Over 440,000 Albertans voted to support our ideas and our people, and given the actions of the past week, our resolve has never been stronger.

Albertans deserve an entire party with MLAs who are accountable to them and are supported by a group of members, supporters and volunteers who are dedicated to their principles and doing what’s best for Alberta.

Every day we will continue to battle for fiscal responsibility, a debt-free Alberta, accountable and efficient government, prioritized spending on front-line services, and real democratic reform.

Immediately and in the days ahead, we will work harder than ever before to uphold these values and continue to earn the trust of all Albertans.”