Wildrose Calls on PC Party to Pay For $100k Campaign Ad from Premier’s Office


EDMONTON, AB (March 23, 2015): Today, the Wildrose Official Opposition called on Premier Jim Prentice to have the PC party pay for his $100,000 taxpayer funded PC campaign ad.

For weeks, Prentice has made it clear he has no intention of passing his budget in the house, instead using it as his central campaign platform.  On the eve of an illegal election call, Prentice is using the televised campaign ad to focus squarely on the budget he plans to campaign on.

“The cost of this will be more than double Premier Alison Redford’s $45,000 trip to South Africa.  Taxpayers shouldn’t be funding a partisan campaign ad coming out of the Premier’s office,” Saskiw said.  “Today, we are calling on Premier Prentice to have the PC party pay taxpayers back for all the expenses involved in this campaign ad.  This is clearly a purely partisan piece of PC propaganda.”

Precedent for the PC party paying for partisan government spending is well documented.  In August 2014, they paid back monies for partisan flights taken to a PC leadership fundraiser on government planes, while Redford paid back the costs for the South Africa trip.

The cost includes $36,000 in production costs and $10,000 to hire a speech writer.

The Wildrose firmly rejected having taxpayer dollars spent on PC electioneering.  Instead, the Wildrose is focused on putting forward meaningful ideas to protect taxpayers, shrink the size of government and to grow the economy.

“Spending hundreds of thousands on campaign ads while Albertans are hurting is just the latest example of misguided PC priorities,” Saskiw said.  “We will continue to get our message out about keeping our economy strong with no tax increases, and smaller and more efficient government without having to leave taxpayers will the bill.”