Wildrose Calls on Child and Youth Advocate to Investigate Toddler’s Death


EDMONTON, AB: (December 22nd), Wildrose Shadow Human Services Minister Angela Pitt sent a letter to Child and Youth Advocate Del Graff to request a full investigation into the death of a 15-month-old toddler.

The toddler died after he was transitioned back into the care of his biological mother, against the advice of the individuals close to the situation. Pitt said there is information showing this case was severely mishandled.

“This tragic event has raised a lot of questions about the policies and practices being used inside the child intervention system,” Pitt said. “We need to know what led to the decision to send this toddler back to his biological home, why appeals to the contrary were ignored, and how situations like this can be prevented in the future.”

Wildrose House Leader Nathan Cooper said a full investigation, including speaking with all foster parents involved, will strengthen Alberta’s child intervention system.

“Lives are at stake when it comes to our province’s policies on child intervention. While our hearts break for this toddler and the people who loved him, we must now look for answers to ensure this never happens again,” Cooper said. “This government promised to be transparent and do things differently, but so far we’ve failed to see any real changes.”

You can read Pitt’s letter to the child and youth advocate here.