Wildrose Calls for End to Taxpayer Funded Partisan Ads


EDMONTON, AB: The NDP government has lost its focus on Albertans and the bleeding of jobs within the province, and are instead focused on spin, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

The better part of a million dollars is being spent on a taxpayer funded and partisan ad campaign to sell Albertans on the NDP budget.

“This ad campaign will do nothing to help the 1500 Albertans a week who are losing their jobs under the NDP government,” Wildrose Shadow Finance Minister Derek Fildebrandt said. “This government needs to stop patting itself on the back and using taxpayer dollars to sell a budget that will dig Alberta into a $50 billion hole.”

Until recently in Ontario, all government advertising had to be approved by the non-partisan Attorney General. Wildrose believes similar legislation is needed in Alberta to protect the interests of taxpayers.

“This type of legislation can and should be implemented by the NDP government,” Fildebrandt said. “In a time of economic uncertainty, the last thing Albertans need is an ad campaign for the government to try to make themselves look better.”

Should the government be unwilling to introduce this common sense legislation, Wildrose will do so at the earliest possible opportunity.