Wildrose Calls for Emergency Debate on the Social Cost of Alberta’s Job Losses, State of Economy


EDMONTON, AB (December 8, 2015): With the NDP implementing sudden and risky economic experiments, Albertans facing massive job losses, and the price of oil plunging below $37 per barrel, the Wildrose Official Opposition has requested an emergency debate in the legislature on the social costs of the economic downturn and Alberta’s bleak fiscal picture.

The impact these policies are having is now further heightened because of the decision by OPEC to keep pumping full pelt, with oil prices being sent into a downward spiral.Financial experts are calling yesterday’s markets one of the most stunning days in 25 years for the energy sector.

The motion, moved under Standing Order 30, will be debated after Question Period.

“Over 80,000 Albertans have lost their jobs this year due to the economic downturn, and those losses have only been compounded by risky NDP economic policies,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “These job losses are having a real impact on families and there is no end in sight. We need an emergency debate to show Albertans that we are working towards ways to bring back economic stability and reduce unemployment, not continuing down the path the NDP are on.”

According to the Chief Medical Examiner’s office, the suicide rate in Alberta has jumped 30 per cent. Homeless shelters are seeing increases as high as 130 per cent, and food bank use is at a crisis level.

“It is our responsibility as legislators to have an immediate and in-depth discussion about an issue that is directly impacting our economy and our communities,” Jean said. “We need to find immediate solutions to an issue that is only going to get worse.”