Wildrose Announces Nomination Date for Calgary-Foothills


CALGARY, AB (July 3, 2015): At the Calgary Stampede Stomp on July 2, Wildrose announced Aug. 15 for its Calgary-Foothills nomination vote in light of a looming byelection.

“The people of Calgary-Foothills deserve a new moderate and fiscally responsible voice at the table to hold the NDP accountable,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “This summer is an important opportunity for all conservatives to engage the people of Calgary-Foothills and unite around a strong Wildrose candidate.”

Jean made the announcement to hundreds of supporters at the annual Calgary Stampede Stomp.

In order to engage the people of Calgary in the nomination race, the party’s Executive Committee has approved a request to grant all nomination contestants a waiver from Wildrose’s six-month membership rule for this byelection.

“Our party stood firm on our principles, and came out of the recent election united with men and women representing every corner of the province,” Wildrose Party President Jeff Callaway said. “We now have an opportunity to bring all conservatives together, engage in an exciting nomination process and give the people of Calgary-Foothills responsible leadership that stands up for their interests.”