Wildlife Returns to Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

Wildlife Returns to Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

The Bees’ Knees

The Western Bumble Bee, cited as a species at risk in Alberta, has been spotted more than once at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. This is one of the reasons that Wildlife Preservation Canada has partnered with Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation and The Nature Conservancy of Canada to lead another Citizen Science Pollinator Program at Glenbow Ranch this summer. One hundred bee nest boxes have been installed around the park by volunteers. If you see a box in the park, please DO NOT leave the path to investigate. These boxes will (hopefully) have bee colonies in them and should not be approached.

Osprey nest

A new Osprey pole and nest platform was installed by AAltaLInk and Alberta Parks here at the park in March. The location of the pole was strategically chosen with the hopes that when the Osprey returned in April, they would find their new accommodation easily.

We have exciting news  – our Ospreyare back and have embraced their new, upgraded accommodation!

Please do not approach the pole. It is on land closed by Ministerial Order and you may be ticketed by a Conservation Officer if you leave the pathway. Plus – you can get a great view of the nest from the pathway, so bring your binoculars.

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