Wild Rose Brewery Approves Sale to Sleeman Breweries

CALGARY (May 10, 2019) – Wild Rose Brewery Ltd. (“Wild Rose”) is pleased to officially announce that it has been acquired by Sleeman Breweries Ltd. (“Sleeman”). The sale was approved yesterday by Wild Rose shareholders and marks the beginning of a partnership between the two organizations which will allow both parties to strategically leverage their strengths and complementary portfolios as they continue to accelerate their growth in Alberta. The deal will be finalized on May 31, 2019.

Since it was established by two local entrepreneurs in 1996, Wild Rose has made a name for itself brewing exciting beer, made by Albertans for Albertans. Over the years, the business has expanded operations from its humble beginnings in a garage to its current 40,000 square foot Calgary brewing facility. Wild Rose now produces a number of different brands and styles in bottles, cans and kegs available to beer lovers in pubs, restaurants and liquor outlets all across Alberta. In addition to the brewery, Wild Rose also operates a Taproom where consumers can experience its finely crafted beers, including signature crowd pleasers like Velvet Fog and Wraspberry Ale, while enjoying a variety of food offerings.

“We know that this partnership will bring a wealth of opportunities for us to succeed together as we move forward with the support of Sleeman’s resources and industry insights,” says Bill McKenzie, CEO at Wild Rose Brewery. “We feel there is a strong connection between the way we’ve crafted our culture and the way Sleeman does business, and we are excited about our new joint vision for taking the growth of the Wild Rose brand to the next level.”

This is not the first acquisition for the company founded by John Sleeman in 1988. Sleeman began as a small craft brewery and has since grown exponentially, in part, through the purchase of small local craft brewers. Sleeman’s success has also been fueled by strategic industry partnerships that have been established over time, allowing the organization to invest with confidence in companies like Wild Rose. Sleeman’s acquisition strategy has been to seek partners with similar values, portfolios that are complementary and facilities that support growth expectations. Having met this criteria, Wild Rose is now well positioned to continue to accelerate its expansion as a new organization.

“We recognize that Alberta is a province with high growth potential and see a number of synergies between Wild Rose and Sleeman that make this partnership extremely exciting for both organizations,” says Jesse Hanazawa, President and CEO of Sleeman Breweries. “Not only do our businesses share a passion for craft beer, but we also share the drive to achieve industry excellence while maintaining a winning organizational culture. We look forward to working closely with the Wild Rose team to ensure both they and Sleeman are able to reap the many benefits of this strategic partnership.”

For more information about Wild Rose Brewery, please visit HTTPS://WILDROSEBREWERY.COM.

About Wild Rose Brewery Ltd.

Wild Rose Brewery is an award-winning, Albertan brewery that has been at the forefront of the province’s brewing industry since 1996. The brewery has an evolving arsenal of innovative yet approachable products and a well-established, bustling Taproom in the Currie Barracks of Calgary. Wild Rose has become a household name in Alberta thanks to their meticulous quality control procedures, production of consistently well-received products and their fun work environment, deemed “Canada’s Top Small and Medium Employers”.

About Sleeman Breweries Ltd.

Sleeman Breweries Ltd. is the third largest brewing company nationwide. The company has built an impressive portfolio of beer brands in Canada that includes well-loved Canadian brands such as Sleeman, Okanagan Spring and Unibroue, along with world-class beers including Sapporo and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Sapporo Breweries Ltd., known for its rigorous Japanese brewing standards, acquired Sleeman in 2006. The company now markets and/or distributes world-class domestic and imported products and is home to 1,000 employees nationwide.