Wild Ideas for a Great Canadian Campout

Great Cdn CampoutPitch In July 19 and Help Get One Million Canadians Camping.

Spice up your summer by join the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) Great Canadian Campout on Canada Parks Day July 19.

“We’ve got lots of wild ideas to encourage people to get outside and enjoy nature, from cooking to stargazing and more,” says Wade Luzny, CWF’s CE0 Executive Vice-President.

Why not pack your spices in old candy containers and store your toilet paper in an empty coffee can? These are just a couple of the suggestions featured on CWF’s new website GreatCanadianCampout.ca. Learn to Camp guides are available in Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, Punjabi, French and English in partnership with Parks Canada. Safety and food storage tips are included, and participants are reminded to leave their campsites clean.

Commit to camp on July 19 to receive CWF’s guide to Canada’s greatest hikes and be entered for a chance to win a $500 gift card from the outdoor superstore SAIL, CWF’s prizing partner.

CWF’s goal is to get one million Canadians camping by Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017. To inspire this trend, CWF is encouraging participants to share their experiences on social media using the hashtag #GreatCanadianCampout.

For more information and to commit to camp on July 19 visit GreatCanadianCampout.ca.

About the Canadian Wildlife Federation:
The Canadian Wildlife Federation is a national, not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to fostering awareness and appreciation of our natural world. By spreading knowledge of human impacts on the environment, sponsoring research, developing and delivering education programs, promoting the sustainable use of natural resources, recommending changes to policy and co-operating with like-minded partners, CWF encourages a future in which Canadians can live in harmony with nature. Visit CanadianWildlifeFederation.ca for more information.