WHOAS: A New Year Update

Well 2015 is upon us and although the snow is starting to accumulate in wild horse country the wild horses are doing exceptional well this winter.  The snow is not heavy and the horses are easily able to paw through it to find enough forage to keep up their body condition.  This winter, in the more exposed areas, the wind and sun have been able to keep some areas clear.

Throughout November and December our teams of volunteers continued to work on developing our handling facility. As a result of their dedication as of today there are just a few finishing touches that need to be done.

Although it did take three months to get to this stage, the site is looking fantastic. With proper pens in place, proper shelters and a cozy office, we are just about ready to be able to handle any horses that we may have to take in.

We are so happy that after so many years of hard work and unbelievable dedication by board members and volunteers that we finally have a safe and humane facility for any wild horses that come under our care. Set up the way it is will also allow a safe way for our veterinarians, if necessary, to administer any care that may be needed.

With the other aspect of WHOAS undertaking with the ESRD to assist with management of the wild horses, our PZP program is underway. Using our own database, again put together by our members, we have identified mares from healthy herds that we intend to target with the vaccine this year. As we progress we are learning and this project is going smoothly.

All this has been made possible through those of you who have purchased our fund raising calendars and have made donations to support us to protect and save your Alberta wild horses. We still have a limited number of calendars left if you wish to purchase one and help our cause. The WHOAS board of directors and our volunteers want to thank each and every one of you for your belief in our work.

WHOAS – Wild Horses Of Alberta Society

Our mission is to ensure the provisions of all aspects of the conservation and humane treatment of wild free-roaming horses in Alberta. We are committed to the preservation of these magnificent animals in their natural environment.

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Source “Bob’s Blog” on the WHOAS website