WHOAS Members Took Part in Montana Clinic on Contraception Vaccine

Two members of WHOAS, travelled to Billings, Montana, in July to attend a clinic and study course, on the contraception vaccine, known as PZP, and the methods of administering it to Wild Horses. Two more members will attend another course, in the late summer.

This program has been very effective in areas of the U.S., involving Dr. J. Kilpatrick. Dr. Samson-French, right here in Alberta, is willing to lead the program right from the beginning. Dr. Samson-French, has been a strong player in getting this program the recognition it deserves. We need the opportunity to develop the techniques and strategies to make this work.

If this program is deemed appropriate as an alternative to the other current methods of herd population management, in Alberta, then WHOAS, will continue with conversations involving ESRD, on their proposals and plans to use contraception on up to 36 Wild mares.

We are aware, that not everyone agrees with this approach. Until we find a better alternative, this one looks very good to us. Something must change, and this could be the way to accomplish that.

This Wild Horse issue, in Alberta, is big news now. It IS NOT going away anytime soon. Everyone that follows social media and all of these sites, have in one way or another, helped to launch this issue into the forefront of public opinion.

Thanks, to all the WHOAS and HAW supporters that have helped to create movement in the right direction, and hopefully stem the need for unnecessary culls.


**Here’s an article about a group in Utah that are trying the conception approach:

Utah BLM tries Contraception to Rein in Wild Horse Population