When to Upgrade your Tablet

88036HA tech favourite for those young and old alike, tablets are a lighter, bag-friendly option for playing apps, reading books and news, watching videos, and surfing the web. They’re also great for students and others who are on the go and offer many of the same features you would find on a laptop while providing easy entertainment for your downtime.

With new models and sales coming out for back-to-school, there are more reasons than ever for upgrading your tablet. Here are the specs you need to look for:

Screen resolution: Full high definition screens offer true colours, sharp text, and vibrant images that enhance your experience. LG’s new G Pad III features an 8” screen that lessens eyestrain with its reader mode that filters blue light and reduces intensity. The customizable settings will let you easily work (or play) longer, letting you catch-up on any assignments or missed television shows.

Getting work done: Most tablets come with pre-installed office apps, but they can also be downloaded so you can type up your documents on the go. Wireless Bluetooth keyboards and other accessories can be added for additional options, and a long-lasting battery will help you get it all done without being tethered to an outlet.

Storage: Look for a tablet that offers a full size USB port. This allows for easy data-sharing and backing-up of all your important documents. Most tablets also come with at least 16GB of built-in memory and have expandable storage options of up to 2 TB.

Multitasking: Some tablets let you use two apps at the same time in split-screen mode, allowing you to drag and drop content easily. In addition to split-screen, the GPad from LG offers the QPair Connection app for seamless connectivity and productivity with your phone.

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