Wexit Goes Thermonuclear, Alberta Separation Imminent

With the impending federal registration of Wexit Canada as an official political party with Elections Canada, the political conditions for Alberta’s peaceful and lawful secession from Canada have finally been met.  This is for the following 4 reasons:

a) The increasing trend of Ontario voters to elect Liberal members of parliament will ensure that the Conservative Party of Canada will never form federal government again;

b) The projected success of Wexit Canada to elect members of parliament in the 104 federal ridings of Western Canada will ensure that the Conservative Party of Canada will never form federal government again. (The estimated success of Wexit is based on the electoral results of the Reform Party in the 1980’s and 1990’s.)

c) Knowing that they will not be part of any future government of Canada, Western Canadian Conservative Party MPs in Alberta, and other provinces, are expected to cross the floor to become Wexit MPs, in accordance with the will of their constituents, and;

d) Knowing that he will never become the Prime Minister of Canada, and in order to maintain his political relevance, Jason Kenney is now forced to hold a referendum on the lawful separation of Alberta from Canada. Otherwise, he and his governing UCP will soon be outflanked on the political right by an emergent “Alberta-First” type party, and lose the 2023 Alberta General Election.

Peter Downing, Founder of Wexit Canada and Wexit Alberta, has delivered a five-page letter to Premier Jason Kenney, outlining the above situation. You can read this letter HERE: https://wexitcanada.com/Open-Letter-to-Hon.-Jason-Kenney.pdf

Wexit Canada’s approach is supported by voices all across industry, labour, public sector, senior citizens, immigrant communities, and indigenous communities within Alberta and other parts of Western Canada.  Direct political action is necessary to maintain the quality of life of ALL Albertans, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stated that he intends to “Phase Out the Alberta Oil Sands”.  Mr. Trudeau’s statements echo the sentiments expressed by his predecessor, Stephen Harper. Albertans however, demand economic liberty, social stability, and the right of self-determination.

Wexit Canada also seeks to deepen Alberta and Western Canada’s economic, diplomatic, and security relationship with the United States of America.  A free and sovereign Western Canadian Republic will make the world a better place.  In the weeks and months ahead, the Wexit movement looks forward to beginning the collaborative citizen-led initiative of drafting a formal constitution for a sovereign Alberta.

Source: Wexit Canada